Friday, January 01, 2010

On my 364th day of blogging...

Tomorrow is my blog's first birthday. This is my 445th post. Um, yeah. I guess I had a lot to say in 2009.

Obligatory mention of my giveaway ending this Sunday: Win a hand-crocheted PDawg original. Click here to enter.

Yesterday I worked on my blog a tuh-un (that's ton in two syllables, FYI) but I didn't really write that much. Just that rehash of the most popular posts of the year. Our New Year's Eve was insignificant. I rang in the new year just like any other night: in bed watching Martha Stewart on Tivo to give myself the drowsies. I wish it was more complicated than that, but that's where we are, folks. We had an invite to my parents' house for a party but I didn't really want to get a babysitter or change out of my sweatpants, so home seemed like the better option. Plus who wants a hangover, anyway? No way I was going to be able to drink Dad's paint thinner lemon drops and be vertical today. Mmmm, though. Lemon drops...

Anyhoo, I finally got my Etsy store up. Ka-chang. Well, not really. It cost me all of 40 cents to list my two items and we'll see how this goes. The link is in the sidebar to the right, so you can check it out. Can I take this moment to mention how much I lurve Etsy? I love it so. In the past three days I think I've spent more time on Etsy than with my children. Whoops. Kidding. Maybe. The point is: MY BLANKETS, LET ME SELL YOU THEM. Or, for those of you who don't speak Lolcat: I'm open for business. Order away, and I will try to help you out.

I also made a little 125 X 125 button you can grab if you have a blog... You know, to show some love. Just copy and click the code. That's in the sidebar too. Also debuting? Those snazzy new black buttons for email, add to favorites (the heart), subscribe to RSS feed, Feedburner (where you can sign up to receive my daily posts via email... hint, hint...), twitter, and Facebook links. If you're still not sure about what an RSS feed is or why you might want one, you can read this post about Google Reader and RSS feeds here.

So let's talk about the end of 2009. 2009 was, as they say, like a fish. Started to stink after a while. (My apologies, Ben Franklin.) Things were good at the beginning but then it just wouldn't go away. We marked the occasion of its slow death last night by making a budget for when E gets his first paycheck on the first of February. We haven't been a two-income family since pre-Addie, which was about October of 2002. One of my biggest fears is that we're going to party like astronauts and blow our whole second check without taking care of business. I feel like we have a great opportunity to build in some smart choices. As you can imagine, there's been quite a millstone of debt around our necks, and that kind of weight pulling us down has been defeating. Our plan last night included hefty student loan payments and some other changes in the area of throwing money at our debts and savings accounts. It's time for us to make sure we have a cushion in case a year like 2009 happens again. I'm hopeful but I'd still like to get it all on a chart or something so it feels like a checklist. Real.

Today I did some gift card spending and bought some yarn for my first order. The monkeys were not having it and were basically just another millstone around my already millstone-laden collar. I put them to bed once we got home and they seem like they're going to behave tonight but I think it might just be a ploy. Something's up and I don't know if it's worries about going back to school or confusion about Daddy working full time or just a cold or something. Right now irritation is buzzing around and waiting to land and reveal itself. I had a revelation today. It's a good thing that I didn't buy one Christmas present. Being in all those stores before Christmas with our current financial constraints would have KILLED ME. If I would have set foot in a store even to buy one thing, I would have left feeling worse about our situation. I'm glad I didn't go. Even as it was today I had a major case of the "I wants." Good Lord, craft stores are amazing. Book stores are amazing. Grocery stores are amazing. I want I want I want.

Unrelated high note of the week: Fatties start up again this Tuesday. I love that show. So inspirational. I'll try to get through the first three or four weeks without crying.

So speaking of motivational health related shows, I've been using that new treadmill. I love it! E and his Dad picked it up and brought it home yesterday morning. It's in really good condition--shows almost no signs of wear at all. I'm glad I have options. I've already used it twice when E was out and I didn't have to get a babysitter to run! I can run in the dark... and be safe! This was definitely a Christmas to get set up for running. I should be hitting the trail this weekend in my new gear again too. Woohoo. :)

I haven't taken down Christmas yet. Don't tell anybody. It's not even because I'm lazy... which I am. It's because I love having a Christmas tree in my family room all the time. I guess people are going to start to talk soon. Hmm.

Last thing. I had a second lightbulb moment this afternoon, right smack between treadmill and nap. I'm going to start a new segment called Unsolicited Advice. See, I tried a whole Q&A thing before and what I learned was two things: 1) people don't really have that many questions for me, and 2) I have waaaaay too much to say on basically any subject. So I thought I'd just pick a topic and fire away. That should be starting up this week. Topic #1: College. Any other topics you'd like to solicit? (See what I did there? Just made my own title irrelevant.)

Peace out, homies.


  1. Great post!
    Love the Etsy store and can't wait to see how it goes. Etsy was good to me for awhile but not good enough to continue slaving over. It made me sad but I closed my store this past year. :-(

    Just a suggestion, if you offer crocheted baby blankets at a fair price you could get alot of business that way. The kids section of Etsy is always booming and everyone I've given my grandmothers crocheted blankets to for their newborns have loved them.

    Might give you a wider audience and some different price points.

  2. I still have my Christmas Tree up no worries. I would like Crocheting advice. How do you attach things via slip stitch? PS...I am using a MAC and tried to leave my comment as usual where I click Name/URL...but I don't have an URL and it appears my comment could not be now I have to pick anonymous...


  3. Great post honey! Can't wait to see if I win the giveaway! Have a great weekend...Kori xoxo

  4. Heather, I saw your comment on my mom's blog, and have read some of your blog since I saw it linked on Amy's. If you want to read my blog, let me know, we have it set up as private, but you can email me at It's fun to catch up after so many years.
    Wendy (Astle)

  5. I can't wait for the Fatties and guaranteed we are going to cry the first ep. It's just a given with that show. Plus, I can't wait to get a look at your Etsy store!
    For the topic of college, can anyone figure out how to get a student loan for me? haha I just can't seem to get that aspect of college down, even though I already graduated once.

  6. My Christmas stuff is still up too. You're a totally normal procrastinator. ;)

    I can't believe I forgot about your blanket giveaway! Dammit. Nonetheless, I'm happy for your winner. Your blankie will keep her toasty warm all winter and that alone warms my heart.

  7. Christmas stuff is supposed to be up until the 12th day of Christmas, so you're totally fine.