Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can I get an AMEN?

Today, best illustrated in song by Chris Cornell.

I need some Vitameatavegamin, stat.

Today sucks. O, Today. Today is just colossally wrong; it's not just me, right? E emailed first thing this morning about his crappy day; Henry could barely drag himself out of bed and little angel Addie even snapped at me twice. Because I believe in the universality of the human condition (*nods to the late Joseph Campbell*), I'm convinced that anyone reading this must be having a bad day too. So pull up a chair and join me, friend.

Are you over 21? In that case, let's have a beer. I'm going to have an ice cold Pacifico with a lime. Or maybe a hefeweizen with an orange slice. Maybe a nice glass of La Crema. Under 21? I'll pour you a cozy hot cocoa with marshmallows and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Time to kick off our shoes and drown our sorrows in a bowl of sour gummy worms. This day needs to be a memory.

Today is that day when you realize nobody is thankful for all of the effort you give. It's that day where people talk over you as you squeak out the right answer. Today is that day when you question what you're doing, why you're doing it, and why it matters. Today is that day when you realize that most of your "real life" has nothing to do with your real life. Today is that day when you remember that no matter how hard you try, the world will ask for more. You're a ball of taffy, perpetually stretched and extended, unfolded and folded again into yourself: an endless, changeless loop.

Looking for a sympathetic ear? Today offers only crossed arms, lips that say no. Searching for truth and relevance in your profession? Today is for clock-punchers and wage-earners, mindless drones only. Want a minute to pause, to pull yourself together? Today is a queue with no exit--no getting off the conveyor belt. Seeking to motivate and inspire others? Don't bother. Today they're all too cool, too tired, too unreachable.

Today can suck it. Am I right?



  1. My friend and I got together last night and she told me my comments all week on FB have been negative and I defensively replied that this week was extremely stressful and it's not even over yet! So, today I tried with all my might to be positive and I can't help, but respond to your post with a big fat...AMEN!!!
    I'll be thinking of you while drowning my day away!

  2. A freakin Men....totally my day.

  3. AMEN. I've been cranky all week, and work has been crap.
    One bright note - a super fun dinner with your SIL! Maybe I meet you some day? We're practically neighbors!! :-)