Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stupid Rotten No Good People

In the category of oh no she di-int:

Today I wore these

under my pants.

That's right.  My heater still isn't working right so I wore thigh-high ballet legwarmers under my jeans plus a beanie, scarf, and gloves all day.  I was still cold.

Addie had a little pair of baby jeans from Old Navy that were striped pastel fleece-lined, and I've never stopped being jealous about them.  That's right.  I was envious of my six-month old.  I know that they make them for adults, but somehow LL Bean didn't get the memo about people not wanting to wear Mom Jeans that come up to their armpits.  Where are the normal rise warm pants? I'd rather go without pants than look like that, and if you know me and my aversion to nudity you'll understand the full impact of that statement.  Why can't a pair of jeans be flattering and warm without giving one (as I've heard students say) a "front butt"?  I am putting this out to the universe right now:  I want a pair of Express size 8 Long Stella bootcut jeans that feel like luscious, heavenly sweatpants.  Is that too much to ask?

Until you get your act together, Universe, I'll be over here shivering with my legwarmers on underneath my pants.  I can only hope that I didn't get any sidelong glances about the visible seam on my thigh.  Brings VPL to a whole new level.  Maybe it looked like I had underwear on that was thigh-low, rather than legwarmers that were thigh-high.  We'll never know, Blog.  We'll never know.

So just because I'm determined to write about more than just underwear on this blog, I was all set to come back from my run tonight and tell you about the awesomeness that was me running five miles again.  (11:50 per mile average pace tonight, bundled in my hobo layers.)  I'm sure I could have knocked out a few paragraphs about that, easy.

Unfortunately I got back to our house just in time to see a police car across the street--there was a break-in at the house across from us today, and that makes three on our block in about two months.  Clearly someone is watching and knows routines.  We all (our trusted neighbors)/the police think that it's kids, but that doesn't make it any less awful.  I can't even express how frustrated, angry, and creeped out I am by this.  We live in a family-oriented neighborhood and this just isn't okay.  I'm thankful that we have big scary dogs and that E is home all day, but I'm also so sad for our neighbors who are experiencing loss and fear in a season that should be about comfort, home, and joy.

I know that so many people are hurting for money this year, but I can't silence the part of my brain that says this isn't right.  I'm so freaking ethical.  I hate that people are helping themselves by hurting other people, and introducing this kind of anxiety into their homes.  It's just rotten.  For so many reasons, I just can't wait for this recession/ terrible economy to pick up.  Our situation sucks, but there are so many other people who are doing without, too.  I'ts just wrong to take what's not yours.  So many people are struggling, and to have to deal with this kind of violation... Ugh.  I'm just so down about everything tonight. 

Fa la la la la, la la la JERK.

See you later.


  1. I'm fairly sure I heard a report that ye olde childhood classic referenced in your title was used as a learning tool at the University of Oregon's football program after the suspension of the player for punching an opposing player after the game was over. Raised an eyebrow.

  2. So many people's homes are being burglarized this year. I've heard of five cases from people I KNOW since Thanksgiving.

    Desperate times.

    Yes, it is frustrating and unnerving. Do you have ADT security or something?

    The legwarmers and Ugg boots are hot. Or are those Ugg socks? How cold is it in California right now? Aren't you in Southern Cali?

  3. Cute leg warmers! You could wear those under skirts with boots and they would look like tights!

    I'm all about wearing whatever you gotta wear when you're cold. I regularly put my base layers for skiing on under regular clothing when I travel cold places. J says I'm a pussy I maintain that he has a metabolic issues that prevents him from ever being cold. Hopefully if we have kids they will be blessed with having just right body temperature between me always being too cold and him always being too hot.

  4. Aw that's scary to have those break-ins hit close to home..last December, one of our cars were stolen and definitely ruined the holiday season and many, many, many future plans :( ...people can be such jerks! I feel your pain on that one! But I love that you wore thigh high leg warmers under jeans, I want pants that feel like sweats too!

  5. I mean, was stolen, haha sorry, it bothered me once I re-read it!