Saturday, December 05, 2009

San Francisco for Roo's Birthday

You may remember that Addie's birthday present this year was a trip to San Francisco.  I swear, somebody forgot to tell these two kids that they are from a small town in a rural area.  They love the city.  They just beam while we walk around, taking it all in and asking a million questions.  I'm glad that we can share that with them--I didn't grow up coming to the city very often, but I love it too.

I wanted to drive in over the Golden Gate this time since I'd been talking to Addie about what that meant.  Usually we go across the Bay Bridge (hello, IKEA!) but on a clear day like this was, it was just amazing.  We even forced Henry to turn off his Gameboy and look.  They loved it.

I've never seen anyone change the lanes on the bridge, but that's all I can think about when we cross.  Is there a vehicle or just a person who does that?  I will need to Google that.  You can bet your sweet bippy one thing I'm never, ever going to do is walk across that bridge.  Sorry, world.  PDawg is way too scared of bridges.  Oh, sure, I act like a grownup while I ride over one, but inside I'm throwing a fear-based tantrum. Hate bridges.  At least this one's pretty.

Lame pics, sorry.  Just iPhone pictures--my camera was in the trunk.

The E-man.

Hank has to avoid all sidewalk cracks (thanks for teaching him that, Auntie!) so walking anywhere with him is a chore, but he talks your ear off which is hilarious.  He and Addie talk all day, up and down the hills and across each street.  They think MUNI is a funny word.  They think having any restaurant you want within three blocks and a Walgreens on the corner is awesome.  They like art and museums and all the people and buses and the ocean.  They can't believe that people stay up here and go places when it is dark.  They really crack me up.  As always, it's fun to see anything through their eyes.

Saturday we took them to the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park, just across the way from the Museum of Sciences that we visited last spring.  If I thought the weather was good the last time we were in the city, this was perfection.  It was a crisp, sunny, windless day on Saturday.  The park was just gorgeous.  (I saw so many runners who were running in the cold--major inspiration to get out my front door and get moving again.  Of course, I am so envious that they get to run in San Francisco.  Note to self: bring running clothes next time.)

I'm trying to upload but this free Wifi I'm using is Crapville, USA

All I can manage are these pics from dinner:  hamburgers in the Marina district with a couple of cuties.

Oh yeah.  These nerds were there too...

and they were sad that their monkeys wouldn't share any chocolate milkshake.

More to follow...


  1. I like the city too. I don't like the traffic though. I got in a 1 mi run today and it was chilly. I just wore a long sleeved shirt, gloves, a face mask, and ear muffs. My pants were just a crop running pant from w-mart. My ears and nose were cold but the rest of me was fine. By the way, I have this recipe for sweet and sour meatballs. Not sure if E can eat everything in the ingredients though. The sauce is vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce, pineapples in a can, and cornstarch. Basically you can add any meat to it, but we have always added meatballs which happen to have egg, mill, and bread crumbs. But when I was growing up, sometimes we would add shredded chicken or pork. And you put it over a bed of rice. I can get you the whole recipe, just let me know if you want it

  2. San Fran is one of the top five cities Joe would move to. (I've never been.)

    PS. I love place mats you can color on. It's one the things I'm looking forward to when I have children. Coloring at restaurants while we wait for food. I suppose I could do that now...

  3. Oh, and happy birthday Addie! What an awesome present.

  4. Have fun in San Fran! I bet E is super glad he's not taking finals right now! I wish I wasn't...

  5. Your kids are absolutely adorable, P. I love how they saw the city, and it is amazing to see it through their eyes. I love seeing the city the same way they do.