Sunday, December 27, 2009

Running Partner

Typically, I run alone. Today I thought it might be nice to have some company, so I brought my friend. He's cute, but he has a lot of issues.

He was being a punk and kept trying to clothesline me for the first half a mile. At first he tried to leave me in the dust because I'm not as fit as he is--this makes me crazy. I had to be a little harsh with him, and then he gave me the sad eyes. He knows exactly how to get to me. For the second half a mile he actually ran right next to me, which was nice. He didn't push too hard so I didn't feel rushed. Unfortunately, when we got outside of my neighborhood he got really scared of all the cars and put his big butt right out in traffic. He wouldn't move. People were staring and I was worried he was going to get hurt. I had to pick him up and carry him to safety, and he's not a little guy. He wasn't so amenable to being lifted by a girl, either.

He didn't understand that I was excited about my new running gear, and he rubbed all kinds of unidentifiable gunk into my sleeves and tights just trying to get close to me. He likes to make sure his body is touching mine while we run. It's a little bit awkward--he's a bit of a close runner. His breath sometimes smells like cat poop and he likes to roll in foul smelling things. By about mile two I decided no being should smell that way, and I told him. He ignored me.

He also kept stopping to pee on things, right there in front of everyone. It's kind of hard to get a stride going when your friend has such a needy, assertive bladder. He's so curious about everything that he has to stop to check it out; it's nice and relaxing, but that doesn't make for a steady pace. He was way more interested in pursuing his own agenda than helping me with mine. I kept having to remind him of why we were out there, and I don't usually like to talk while I run.

When we finally got home, he saw his best friend and he ditched me to run to the back fence and cry, he was so happy about their impendin reunion. He's a total baby. The run was a disaster, speed-wise. My new running clothes kept me warm and dry, but I remembered why I don't usually run with the dogs. Cal was happy to be home, and I promptly gave him a bath.

Calvin (left) and Gus (who stayed home because he has a bad hip).

Today was a good day for returning to things after a hiatus--church and running. Both left me feeling fulfilled and healthy; both should be continued as much as possible in the new year. You know me, though, I don't want to be a New Year's (or New Year's Resolution) cliche. I'd rather start back to things I should be doing on December 27 so as to feel superior and unique. Let's all pretend I'm both of those things.


  1. Aww, I wish I had a doggie to run with!
    Hope Sac is beautiful, I miss it out there!

  2. Thanks Julia! It was a beautiful day here. :) Hope you had a great Christmas.

  3. Ahhh running with the dogs can be very interesting...or dangerous! I would say keep trying though. Once my dog and I got in a routine it was great and eventually they will get it!