Thursday, December 03, 2009


Today I'm going to interview myself. Why? Well, nobody else here is going to do it, and I don't have any other idea for a post. Let's get started.

View from here. Yes, those are Transformers on the screen. More than meets the eye, huh?

What did you eat for dinner last night?

Dinner cost exactly 96¢ a person last night. Pretty good, huh? Hamburger Helper with ground turkey. Thanks, Winco. It was the first real meal I've been able to eat in a while--my stomach has been a beast this week. Finally doing better. I honestly didn't worry about veggies or fruit, though. I wanted to eat my whole meal out of a bowl.

So what do you think of Kimbo Slice?

Wow, Kimbo Slice? What kind of weirdo interview is this? Segue, much?

Well, I'm watching E watch Ultimate Fighter.

Oh. Well, I'm not really into MMA, but I can tolerate it. I'll admit the first time I watched Kimbo Slice fight I thought he was a total tool shed. I don't really like to watch the big guys fight. Maybe it's years of watching the skinny dude do Karate, but I like the lanky, muscular ones that use their legs and kick well. Not really one for wrestling, either. Not too interested in watching two guys roll around on the floor and hug it out. But E likes Kimbo on this show, so I'm trying to learn to love him. Kimbo, that is, not E. You get it.

So I've been wondering, what happened to the fact that you used to be a runner?

Ugh. Don't remind me. You're making me feel guilty. I really miss it right now, but I'm a little bit afraid to get out there. It has been SO COLD here lately and I don't have any cold gear. I know better to run in a bunch of cotton and get hypothermia. I spent an hour "pretend shopping" on the Under Armour website today for cold weather running gear. I want to get out there, but I've got some butterflies about the weather. I always get them about long runs, too. Maybe this will be fine and I'll just adjust. I'd like to get back out there before January just so I can avoid looking like a New Year's Resolution cliche.

I saw your post the other day about Christmas music. Any movies that you watch again and again during the Christmas season?

Not just during the Christmas season! In our family, White Christmas is year-round. I associate that one with my mom. Period. She always had it on while she was making cookies and Christmas candy. We used to take the light rail train downtown to watch it at the old theater. There was nothing like seeing it on a big screen. A Christmas Story makes me think of my dad. Poor Ralphie, shooting his eye out like a big dork. You know what's funny about that movie is that everyone loves it. I don't really even think I enjoy it but I find myself sucked in when it's on. That Santa at the mall shouting ho ho ho by the slide creeps me out. And those kids were, well...

Yeah, that kid never should have put his tongue on the pole.

I know, right? But there are other Christmas movies I've come to love as I got older. The Family Stone is one of my favorite movie movies, let alone Christmas movies. I like that it's funny but also bittersweet. The Holiday is good, and Love Actually. I need to get all of those out again.

What about the classics? Any of the kid ones?

Oh yeah--all of them. Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch--that one makes me think of the day after Thanksgiving, looking at ads for Black Friday sales at Mimi's. Oh, and can I add this one? I forgot Elf. That movie is just... I just love it. And back to White Christmas--that movie inspired my love of dance just as much as anything. Lis and I used to watch the dance scenes on repeat over and over again. I think I could do any of them to this day. Abraham, Choreography, Mandy. Man, Vera Ellen could rock it.

What do you guys have planned for your Christmas vacation?

Pretty much the same thing we always do. I'm really pleased with two things this year: first, that E is back and we don't have to split the kids this Christmas again. Last year I ended up alone on Christmas day, frozen to the couch watching Law and Order reruns for lack of any other company. It was probably one of the worst days ever. I'm glad to put that behind me. But the other thing I'm happy about is the fact that we realized that Christmas doesn't have to be on Christmas, so we're not going to be leaving anyone's house early and splitting our time this year. We used to do that and it was too hard on all of us. I think we'll spend a lot of time with family, but we probably won't go anywhere.

Did you finish all those blankets you're crocheting yet?

No, not yet but I'm working on it. I have three complete blankets done and two half blankets. I have yarn for two more beyond that. I think I'm creating an injury in my thumb joint--I'm not kidding--so I'm trying not to do as much at a time but it's putting me behind. I did buy yarn to do a blanket giveaway for the blog, though, so look for that in the future. It might not happen before Christmas, though. Just saying.

What advice do you have for people who want to start crocheting?

My advice is to find a good book. I know I said this before, but I had this cheesy one called "I can't believe I'm crocheting" from Joann Fabric, and it was awesome. I totally learned from that book. The book doesn't matter, just make sure it has pictures, because the hardest part is figuring out what to do when you're alone and no one can help. The pictures help you feel like you're on the right track. My other piece of advice is just to keep at it. It takes a while before you get consistent with your stitch size and stuff. Doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you're consistent.

Sounds like exercise.

Yeah, lay off me. I'm not being very healthy right now.

Any more bizarre dreams?

No, not lately. I finished LOST, so maybe that's why it stopped. I haven't been getting as much sleep, either. Hey, speaking of sleep, I think I need to get some. Let's do this again sometime.



  1. I give credit to girls I know for getting me to watch Love, Actually and The Holiday - I bought the latter and will get the former soon enough. English romantic comedies are neat.

  2. Family Stone is my absolute favorite! It came on tv the other day and I was so excited I texted J while he was working.

    He wasn't impressed.

    I don't care though, it's an awesome movie!

  3. Love Actually and A Christmas Story are my fave holiday movies :) Love this post- very creative! Hope you are feeling better today :)

  4. Ha! Do you remember the year we went and saw W.C. downtown after shopping for your homecoming dress? "I'm a secret agent... we're everywhere!" I love W.C. too and in my vision of my perfect self, I have Vera Ellen's legs! I know, so not gonna happen for me - EVER!

  5. Family Stone makes me alternate between crying like a baby and rolling on the floor laughing. Such a great Holiday movie!

  6. The Family Stone is an amazing movie, I definitely cry like a baby while watching it. Any Christmas movie is pretty good though, and thanks for the advice on crocheting! I definitely want to get started on it, I need something to do with my hands instead of eating!! haha
    Love the interview, very funny!

  7. If you'd like me to interview you again, I can.

    Speaking of which, did I ever send you this link?

    New School Year Marked By Rise of Digital Textbooks

    Your input was perfect. Thank you again.