Saturday, December 05, 2009

Holiday Home Tour

Last night I joined Mimi, April, and four of E's six aunties for the Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour in East Sacramento. The tour went through five homes in the East Sacramento neighborhood known as the "Fabulous Forties." The Fab Forties are a bunch of historical, beautiful homes where rich people live. :)

Before the tour, we went to dinner at Bistro 33. I had a yummy panini and a glass of wine--it would have warmed me if I wasn't already cooking like a rotisserie chicken, dressed to the hilt for an Eskimo winter. The one thing I heard E's Aunt Chris say about the evening was that I needed to dress warm. I'm ALWAYS cold so I was paranoid about the night. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about what it would be like to sit in a warm restaurant in all my layers. I had on a spandex running tank, a regular cotton tank, and a wool sweater over that. Under my jeans I had on a pair of thick dance tights. I was at least able to remove my hat, gloves, wool coat, and scarf for dinner.

After dinner we drove over to park by the third home and walk.

I've never been on this tour before, so I didn't really know what to expect. I was thinking that this would be five homes all in a row like model homes for new houses. Not so much. There was a lot of walking around between the houses. They were spaced pretty far apart--several blocks each. It ended up being a lot of fun, though, walking through the neighborhood and taking in all the decorations. To the surprise of nobody, I managed to trip over every single raised bit of sidewalk, and every uneven curb. I walked into a tree branch at one point, and I broke a cookie decoration that was tied to the back of a chair in the last home because I brushed up against it. I'm such a klutz.

April snapped a pic of me all bundled.

The homes were beautiful. One of them smelled distinctly like church. Old church, to be exact. That old building smell is just as evocative as old book smell. They had local designers come in to decorate these homes and they were so nice. Most of them didn't look like real people lived there at all, though. It's fun to peek into people's lives. I wish I could have taken some pictures but that's a big no-no.

I'd say the best part of the evening was being both an observer and sometime participant in the female-dominated structure that is E's family. It takes forever to decide every single course of action and April and I had to laugh about how many discussions we had about when and where we would stop to let a few people use the restroom. I guess that's the way when you're a family of seven sisters. I enjoy seeing everyone, though, and it reminds me of when E and I were first married and his family got together for every single holiday. We don't see as much of them anymore, and I miss that interaction. I finished the evening feeling like it would be a good thing to make an effort to do more of that. We see my family all the time, so it would be a good thing to see his more often too.

Overall it was a great night. You know what a homebody I am and this wasn't something I would have done if they weren't going already, but I really enjoyed myself. It's nice to spend time with April and I kept myself warm enough with all those ridiculous layers that I wasn't miserable. Always a bonus! At the last home we even ran into ML and her mom. It was a good way to start the holiday.


  1. Looks like fun! I had a question for you, since you're teaching dance again could you contact me and give me a list of stretches to do on the floor? I've lost all of my flexibility since being in college and it's what is really hurting me while I'm trying to get back in shape. AllI can remember from my ballet days is rolling my ankles to warm up, stretching to touch my toes while sitting, stretching to each side with my legs spread. I know there is more but I can't remember it save my life!

  2. What a fun time!
    One of my friends lives in east sac, just a few blocks from the fab forties...those homes are gorgeous. I'd been seeing all those holiday tour of homes signs everytime I was over there. Now it makes sense.
    Have a great Sunday!