Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 1: Favorite Christmas Songs

Merry December to you!

So listen. Yesterday from 3:06-3:24 PM I had a big fat red and green tinsel covered meltdown. Christmas is so stressful this year. Everyone around us is being so nice and generously offering to "ease up" on the Christmas materialism, but it's making me sad. Not the "getting," but the lack of "giving" we're going to be able to do. Things are just so hard. For the life of me I can't make heads or tails of our financial woes lately. Yes, E just got a job but then yesterday they basically told him they don't really have hours for him, and now they want him to work some days (which he can't do) and even if he starts this week, he's not going to end up with a paycheck until January. Grr. I had a stomachache all night last night and I think it was from worry.

This morning I'm reminding myself of the Twila Paris lyrics: "God is in control/ we will choose to remember and never be shaken..." tough. But I know it's going to be okay. The trick is not to make myself a big wreck before it is okay.

No matter what, though, it's December today. That's a beautiful thing. I thought today I'd post a few of my favorite Christmas songs--actually, my favorite versions of Christmas songs, since I love all Christmas music. It takes me back instantly to decorating the tree, or snuggling in my new PJs on Christmas morning. I've been listening to it on Pandora since before Halloween. Here are a few of the top choices:

Somewhere in my memory (John Williams, from Home Alone)

Veni, Veni (O Come, O Come Emmanuel) (Manheim Steamroller)

River (Sarah McLachlan)

Forgive me for the cheese factor, but these are some good dancin' tunes:

All I want for Christmas is you(Mariah Carey)

Little Drummer Boy (Jars of Clay)

Baby It's Cold Outside (from Elf--Jovi and Buddy singing)

Snow (White Christmas)

Uh oh, I've deviated into Christmas movies... I'll make that the subject of a future post. For now, here's the last one...

My absolute favorite: O Holy Night (Celine Dion)

I think it's impossible for me to listen to Christmas music and be in a foul mood... I think I'm going to be listening to a lot of Christmas music today.

What are your absolute favorite versions of Christmas songs?


  1. Good choices, I love Celine Dion. One of my favorite songs is Mary Did You Know, love love that song! :P

  2. Love love love the White Christmas song. That's been a family fave Christmas movie of ours for years. And the Mariah Carey song...I'm obsessed with Love Actually!

  3. MLN will understand this, but it isn't Christmas without Bing...Crosby that is. I love his version of Jingle Bells.
    I also love listening to Elvis' Blue Christmas...
    And lastly, Nat 'King' Cole singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

  4. I love Snow from White Christmas! I'm going to the mac daddy of Christmas concerts next Saturday. It's this family of wholesome Christian singers. Think von Trapps meet the Osmonds, minus the whole Mormon thing. I interviewed them last week for the paper. They sang me Snow. So badass. It sounded just like the video you posted.

    I'm sorry about your financial woes and stomachaches. If it's any consolation, your family is beautiful and your bathroom stall illustration skills are stellar.

  5. Oh, and I second Kristin on Love Actually. One of the best rom-coms ever.