Monday, November 23, 2009

To sleep, perchance to dream

I think I'm getting plenty of sleep lately, because my subconscious is having a field day in the playground that is my dreams. I have had about five nights in a row of strange, memorable and complex dreams. Of course several of them have faded over time, but here are a few:

My dream from several nights ago: E and I decided to have a party at my Uncle's house, without telling him. We just showed up, with all the peole we invited. No idea why his house was the venue. He didn't really care, either, but it was a bizzare dream and I felt stressed and worried the whole time. I realized I was dreaming and I tried to change it or wake up but I kept slipping back into it. That happened at least three times before my alarm went off and I woke up for good.

The following night I dreamed E and I went to Italy, only it was like the Galt of Italy. The Hydrox to Italy's Oreo, if you know what I'm sayin'. The Sam's Choice of Italys. Boshiba, as E and I would say. In the dream we didn't plan to be there, we somehow ended up being there, though. I was happy we were on the trip, but somehow we managed to avoid anything interesting, historical, and picturesque in Italy. Like, basically it was Sh*taly. We were in a crummy Motel 6 style hotel and basically we didn't see anything cool. No Rome, no Venice, nada.

Last night I was out by 9:45 (what whaaaat) and I got a full 9 hours. Glorious sleep. I did do a lot of weirdo dreaming again, though. Last night's dream was about Lis getting married (not about her actual wedding, but she was getting married in the dream--I don't remember who she was marrying in the dream) but for some reason we had to keep doing the wedding over again. There was a lot of sitting around in between and it reminded me of ballet days where I'd be backstage killing time for hours. The first time we did the wedding I had on a gold (like gold lamé) dress with sequins and gold shoes. I had that on for a while and then I looked down and the dress had changed from gold party girl to black and white buttoned up business wear. That was for the first run-through, then I had to go outside and wait. While I was out there I decided I didn't like what I had on, so I'd just be bold for once in my life and... wait for it... go back inside with NOTHING on. (What? Yeah, because that's so like me--naked at a wedding.) In the dream I was mad about not having something to wear and I was envious about what other people were wearing... so I got mad and that was the result.

The problem was that once I went back inside I came to my senses and realized that being a nudie patootie might not be the best thing. A powerful shame came over me and I scrambled to find something to wear. Luckily one of my friends from my dancer days, Leah, was there and had just taken off a teal blue unitard dress. I put this on instead with her shoes (both things were too big on me--she's like 6 feet tall) and went out in the hall. Somehow I was suddenly in the middle of the church Christmas program (like high school) and I was surrounded by children preparing to sing and dance (good thing I put some clothes on, huh?). I made my way down the aisle and found that instead of an altar, the wedding was going to be at this snackbar-looking thing on top of a hill. I had to climb up and balance on something like those silver cafeteria bars that hold up trays in front of food bins. I was also suddenly surrounded by a ton of other people and I couldn't see anything at all. Then I woke up.

Told you I had some weird ones.

(Oh, and I wrote this yesterday--Monday--and forgot to post it. Since then I had a Disneyland dream. HA.)


  1. That last dream sounds like it's coming from your thoughts lately about shopping and dieting. I've been having extremely weird dreams lately, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one...must be all the anxiety of the holidays and close of the semester? Eh, either way at least you know you're getting some good sleep because you only dream in REM and that's when you know you're really sleeping great! ;-) Keep on dreamin'

  2. I know. I was happy I was getting enough sleep to have some dreams, but come on.... SO WEIRD!