Monday, November 30, 2009

This week

Here I am eating beans again while I post. I'm the leftover queen lately. I use leftovers to make meals to make more leftovers. Frugality, thy name is leftover. Actually these beans and cornbread are quite tasty today, and are warming my little soul.

I'm looking on the bright side this week (or trying to) so here's a few of the things I've got going on that are not worthy of complaint:

Today: Return to work (not complaining! I promised I wouldn't!) and showing of the "play within a play" of Hamlet, via Mel Gibson's pre-crazy Hamlet movie. Not too shabby, except for that part where the director let them go all Freudian and Glenn Close (Hamlet's mom) plants a big wet one on him. Still better than pantomiming an entire scene myself for teenage amusement. Tonight: ballet and more ballet. 'Nuff said.

Tomorrow: Nothing, really. Well, teaching, ballet and oh--picking Roo up from school, which I'll also be doing today. She went back to school this morning after a month of being off track. Those breaks always seem to come when she needs them and once she starts getting antsy (she has been for about a week) it's time to go back to school and see her friends again. So this week I'll be resuming the after school pickup routine.

Wednesday: normal teaching day, killer NAP planned for after school to sleep off all the "tireds" from Monday and Tuesday night teaching. I love those kids at ballet, but it's killing me to work two jobs. NOT COMPLAINING though, because money is money.

Thursday: Thursday morning I'm presenting at our staff meeting. What what! That afternoon I finally I get to get our family photos that Carmen Salazar took for us this summer out of Purgatory. We paid to have them taken, but then since E had so much trouble finding a job we haven't been able to pay to have them printed yet. E's mom is letting me pick out one for my Christmas present so we're going in on Thursday to choose. It's going to be tough because there's so many good ones, but some pictures are better than no pictures. I love them. Can't wait.

Friday: Holiday home tour of the rich people's fancy-shmancy homes in Sacramento with E's aunties. Dinner out with them as well.

See? It's not so bad being back at work. Once all this is over I'll be one whole week closer to Christmas break. Wahoo!


  1. I'm counting down the days to Christmas break too!

  2. You forgot an important milestone in Henry's life on Thursday. It's kindergarten registration day. Or, are you in denial that he is growing up so quickly? No more Little Hanko.

  3. Thank goodness for my toddler. He's like a left over vacuum. Ah ha ha. And beans are his favorite. Go figure.