Wednesday, November 04, 2009


E: When are you going to blog again?

Me: Dunno. When I can think of something to write about that doesn't suck. I tried twice today and I couldn't do it. *Getting kind of flattered* Have you been looking forward to a new post or something?

E: No, I just keep checking and it's still those pink tights.

Me: *deflated sigh* Oh. Well... Give me a topic.

E: *pause* Rainbows.

Me: Rainbows?

I accept your challenge, Sir.

I love the song "Rainbow Connection" from the Muppets. It's a song I didn't think much about until I was an adult, specifically when I was at a Jim Brickman concert. If you don't know Jim Brickman, he's a solo piano guy--lovely quiet tunes for studying or reading or... whatever. I've been a fan ever since Lis did a ballet dance to this song in high school:

It's called Angel Eyes and it's one of my favorites. Jim Brickman talked about "The Rainbow Connection" at one of his concerts (I've been to three, I think?) because he got his start working for Jim Henson Productions.

I love Jim Brickman's version, but my absolute favorite is by none other than Ms Sarah McLachlan.

Love it, and basically EVERY SINGLE OTHER SONG SHE'S EVER DONE. She's great live. So talented.

While we're on the subject of rainbows, (are we? are we still on that subject? Aw, heck. It's my blog.) While we're still on rainbows, let's talk for a minute about my synesthesia, and what the rainbow would look like if it was written in number form. Stay with me. Here are the numbers of the rainbow, according to my warped brain:


There's no orange, so you just have to deal with that. There are also two yellows, but 7 is darker (did I lose you yet?) and the same is true of 8 and 4 both being purple, but the 8 is a different shade. There you have it. You never knew how bizarre I was.

One of the best places to see a rainbow is the Mist Trail in Yosemite Park. It goes from the base of Vernal Falls to the top. Though we go to Yosemite every single summer, I've only hiked it twice in my life. Once this past summer which you can read about here, and another time on my way up to Half Dome at fifteen. On the Half Dome trip I don't remember there being a rainbow because it was VERY early in the morning when we were on that part of the trail going up--we did the hike in one day--so I think the sun wasn't in the right place yet. On that trip we took the John Muir (horse trail) down because by the time we got to the top of Nevada, the sun was down. SCARY. I'll post about that another time. This past summer, though, when I hiked Vernal with E's Aunt Karen we saw the rainbow--it makes almost a full circle and it's beautiful. Too bad I didn't have a real camera with me, but you can see my snazzy iPhone pics on the post about the hike.

I also have this feeling like there was some kind of rainbow thing associated with a hike we did the Iao Needle in Maui. I've been there twice, and I remember something about a rainbow but oddly enough I also remember it being competely overcast the last time I was there with E. Can I say this to you too? Some people I love dearly are in Maui right now and I am SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS. Yeah, you know who you are. Going to Maui for three weeks. Gah. Jealous.

Another really interesting thing about rainbows is a habit that Addie used to have. She used to line things up in rainbow order. I'd say from about age three to five it was a very strong compulsion for her. I'm not just talking about a few things--she'd take every single piece of a princess dress-up doll set and line it up across the entire family room, each piece laid out in degrees from reddest to purplest. It was very interesting, but also a little concerning for a while. When she started Kindergarten she was still doing it--mostly with markers and things--and when she'd rotate tables for "centers" she'd have to arrange everyone's markers in rainbow order before she could even think about the task at hand. I got an email from her Kindergarten teacher about it the first week of school. No worries though, it was only a phase. It brought her comfort to have everything in order--that part I understand.

The other day, Roo and I were talking about putting things in "rainbow order" for school, and I asked her if she learned Roy G. Biv. She'd never heard of it. So let me get this straight, Pluto is out and so is Roy G. Biv? Is nothing sacred? I'm so afraid to hear what happened to "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas." I still miss you, Pluto. What did ol' Roy ever do to any of us? What I also can't wrap my brain around is how kids are supposed to remember the order of the rainbow. It's just supposed to happen? Fail. Was Indigo too hard? Come on!

So just in case you don't remember or you have a small child at home, here he is in all his glory:




Rest in peace, Roy G. Biv. I'm sorry I took you for granted.


  1. I think E was looking for something good to read :-)

  2. But wait, I'm confused. Your 4 looks purple, and your 6 looks blue.

    I have a compulsion to put things in rainbow order too. Maybe it's an art thing. Of course, I then tend to strew things around the room like some sort of Swedish chef artist, but then when I finish a project, back into rainbow order they go! Well, truth be told I actually put the browns and grays at the top of my colored pencil drawers, because as someone who primarily draws animals, I use brown and gray a lot more than blue and purple.

    Oh my, am I rambling?

  3. Sorry--typo. I meant purple, not blue. The picture is right. I fixed it.

    I totally understand colors "feeling" a certain way... and Addie loves art. Maybe it IS an art thing.

  4. Mine was Mother Very Easily Makes Jam Sandwiches Under No Protest.
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder and throw back to my past.

  5. Love Rainbow Connection - The Carpenter's also sang a great version of this song. I know, Hello 1978 - but what can I say? My parent's really liked them and K made me a CD with this song on it. C really loves it! :)

  6. I just downloaded some Jim Brickman songs. Beautiful, thanks. I love piano songs.

    When I have kids, they will be learning Roy G. Biv *and* "My Very Educated Mother." I don't care what scientists say about Pluto.

  7. I've never heard that song before- loved it!

  8. many good memories...Rainbow connection, ballet, half dome, Iao needle...this was a nice, much needed trip down memory lane. Sometimes those things feel like a lifetime ago. Happy memories with my favorite sis!

  9. Your Sarah McLachlan reference reminds me of a spoof I saw on SNL last night. A cast member I've never seen totally ripped into good 'ol Sarah last night. (Maybe it was a repeat?) It was more a rip on her HEART-WRENCHING abused puppy commercial.