Saturday, November 07, 2009

More Crafty P

I just finished one of the blankets I've been working on so I thought I'd show some pics.  I'm currently working on three at the same time, which is very unlike me but when I ran out of brown last weekend I had to keep pushing forward.  Here's the one I just finished:

Here's the one I started last weekend... color altered to keep its identity a secret:

And this one I started during the staff meeting on Thursday.  My other two were too big to haul into a meeting so I started this black and white one:

Annemarie asked the other day if I'd ever considered starting up an Etsy store to sell these things. The answer is YES, but... Yes but I feel like I have so many people in my life that I care about who I could make blankets for, first.  Lord knows we could use the extra money, but it doesn't feel right to sell my stuff when there are still people I know who would love them.  The best thing about making a blanket is giving it away to someone I love.  Most of the time that's a lot of my motivation for making it--thinking about how happy it will make the person who receives it.  So the answer is maybe someday.

Happy Saturday.  I'm off to spend a lovely day with E and the monkeys.


  1. Beautiful! I wish I had the ability to make something so nice, snuggly and pretty. I was absent the day God gave out any sort of artistic/crafty talents. That's why I make friends with those kind of people! :)

  2. I love the colors on those top two blankies. Well done!