Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life and Hamlet

Get ready for some full frontal nerdity.

What did you do today? This is what I did:

(click to see the whole thing)

I spent the better part of first period making this chart on the board in my classroom while my kids read Hamlet in small groups. I used to do this in college all the time--draw character charts so I'd remember the relationships between characters. Somewhere along the line I discovered that while I'm a "big ideas" kind of person, I'm not a "little details" kind of person. You also already know I LOVE CHARTS. I had to rely on this kind of thing all the time even when I read the assigned reading. For whatever reason, even now, I have a hard time keeping track of characters for a while into the story.

After two drafts on the whiteboard, I had this moment where I thought holy crap, I better put that in the computer or I'm going to have to reinvent it next year. This all started this morning when I was Googling Hamlet character charts to help some students who were having a hard time with all the relationships (high five, Shakespeare!). In case you're looking for a good Hamlet chart, there aren't any that I could find. I made this one this morning. I knew if I saved a paper copy I wouldn't be able to remember its location next year. The only way I find things is if they're saved in carefully organized computer folders. Voila. Luckily I had counselors in my room for all of my third period today so I could sit and compute. Microsoft Publisher is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beauty, you should see the bruise on my forehead from yesterday's run-in with the bathroom door. The red line is still on my forehead, but now it's parenthetically referenced with a dark blue/yellow halo. Seriously, it looks like this: ( | ) only mushier and ouchier. Maybe I'll have E take a pic of it tonight. Definitely blog-worthy.

So, I really like Thursdays. I know they say Thursday is the new Friday, but that's really only if you're in college and don't have to get up for class on Fridays. I'm not, and I do, but Thursday is always good for me because it feels close enough to the weekend to breathe a little, but it's not getting so far into the weekend that I start getting anxious about it being over. Plus, who doesn't love a little Thursday night TV? I think the TV arc starts off on Tuesdays with TBL, grows steadily on Wednesday with SYTYCD, ANTM, and Top Chef, and then peaks the heck out of itself on Thursday nights with Project Runway, all the NBC shows, Survivor... ugh, it's almost too much to handle. I know I have a full schedule of crocheting and TV-watching ahead of me. Yes, I watch too much TV. Oh well.

I'm starting to get really excited about Thanksgiving and my time off. Thanksgiving is such a nice preview of Christmas. I'm so happy to have my family back together this year. Last year the holidays were awful.

I'm rambling today, but it's been awhile since I've let myself ramble here so I'll continue. I'm listening to Claire de Lune radio on and it's rocking my socks right off. Well, my Uggs, I guess. I'm wearing BROWN Uggs, a blue shirt, and grey sweater today. Suck it, matching. I'm too good for you. Today was warmth over fashion. I'm okay with that, too. You should see me at home now. Last night it was purple and pink cat pants (present from the monkeys), a blue and gold Herd Staff T-Shirt, crocheted mukluks, and a big purple bathrobe. You can imagine how E is hopelessly attracted to me.

Hey, speaking of mukluks, I should look for a pattern. I've never crocheted anything that wasn't flat and rectangular, though. Maybe it's time to learn. Or maybe I'll just order these from Etsy.

Peace out, nerds. Have a great Thursday.


  1. I have to say this chart rocks! I'm not even in school or a teacher (though I am considering certification) and this rocks my boots off!

    Shakespeare did have a knack for making character relationships super confusing...

  2.'re awesome and hilarious AND.....those mukluks look tasty!!! I want 'em too!!! ;-)

  3. That is a great map. It shows the relationships clearly. I am sure it helped your students.

  4. Yep, just found this. Saved my whole life.