Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let them eat cupcakes.

Time for the week(s) of celebration. Roo's turning 7!

Cupcake-themed friend birthday party?
Yes, please.

This was her first friend party. I'll admit it. I was just as nervous as she was. I just want my kid to have a good party, you know? Why haven't we had a friend party before? She's always off track when it's her birthday... plus we have about eight point two buhzillion relatives. :)

We played games...

Musical chairs...

Always a good time!

Scoop the ol' cotton balls into the bowl on your head...

Pin the heart on the cupcake...

Now she's a part of the family, officially.

Since it was a cupcake party, the invitations were little handmade (hear that? TOOT TOOT, it's my own horn) paper cupcakes, and then I baked three batches of cupcakes for them to frost and decorate.

The cupcake decorating was a hit. Mimi picked up all kinds of toppings and I made four batches of frosting. We were not short on sweets. The girls each took home a plate of cupcakes as their favor and they got to eat what they made. EASY PEASY.

Plus, who doesn't love a cupcake? We had funfetti, chocolate, and yellow. Mmm...

Mess up? Dad will eat it!


Birthday girl

Finished cupcakes

Apparently when you're in second grade you can just leave the party and go play with the host's toys if you feel like it. Okay... :)

Auntie, Mimi, one of the girls' parents.

(Psst. C'mere. Did any of you know about this? People bring their kids to a party, and they stay! Weird. Not expecting that. Not. At. All. It was fun, but it was a little surprise. OH MY GOD, I'M A BAD PARENT BECAUSE I NEVER TOOK MY KID TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY AND STAYED THERE MYSELF! Truth be told, she hasn't been to very many non-family birthdays yet. I stay at those, at least.)

Seven candles. One cupcake to rule them all.

Aww... I can tell she's just like her mommy. She feels awkward when people sing to her too.

OM NOM NOM... By the way, this dude had no trouble being the only boy at the party.

Ta da!

We had a great party, but I am exhausted. I guess that's normal. I went from post migraine-pausal straight to cleaning (as ML would say, the "company clean," which is so much more thorough than the "for us" clean) to making cupcakes and frosting. Exhausted! We still have her real birthday on Monday and then a family party in a few weeks. Phew!

And by the way, WHEN DID THIS KID GET TO BE SEVEN? SHE'S STILL TWO. I'm convinced.


  1. OK HP - that party looks "full-time awesome"! Love the cupcake favor idea. I hope she had a great time. I think my first friend party was at 8 and we went roller skating. Good times. :) Thanks for the mention - everyone know what you mean when you say "company clean"! Sleep well tonight!

  2. Love the old-fashioned theme/no theme party! The kids looked like they had a great time! My kids had "friend" birthdays at 5 & 4, respectively. Then, parties at Pump It Up, swimming party, crazy...Now, they're headed back to those few friends, and fun games they've never played. Cupcakes looked BEAUTIFUL. I want to eat one. Sidenote: R the girls wearing shorts? It's 33 degrees here! Happy Birthday, Roo! Eric looked pretty happy with his default cupcake.

  3. You're such a good mom! These pictures are adorable. Kudos on the cupcake-themed EVERYTHING. Very crafty and thoughtful. Your daughter looks BLISSFUL! Mission accomplished.

    Two things:

    1. Your husband's shirt is brilliant. Where can I get it?
    2. I also did not know moms stayed at kid parties. Relative parties, yes. Kid parties, no. My mom definitely didn't stay at my kid parties when I was 7 and she's a superb mother.

  4. What a cute birthday party! My mom definetly didn't stay at birthday parties either...unless
    A. It was family
    B. It was a REALLY good friend
    C. If they asked her to
    Yeah don't feel alone in that! Super cute ideas, invites, everything! I LOVE it!