Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kindle or Nook?

Kindle, or Nook???

Or is this the stuff of unicorns and rainbows and unfulfilled wishes? Should I even waste my time? I think so. Reason #90098977 for having a blog: window shopping.  Window comparisons.

I've had a facebook discussion going on about this for... oh, about a year, with a former student. You remember Jennifer. She's the one who named me PDawg, the first kid to really care about me as a teacher. Once every few months or so one of us will post a link to a story about Amazon's Kindle on the other one's page with some erudite comment like "CHECK THIS OUT. WANT."

Don't know about the Kindle? It's like an iPod for words. It's an ebook reader, and it's full of awesome. I know you're asking yourself why you need such a thing, or why I need such a thing, or why anyone does. I believe it's where we're headed. If Star Trek taught me anything, it was that people in the future read books on a digital device, called PADDs. Nerd alert! I'm nothing if not a believer in the prophesy that is the Star Trek franchise. I'm waiting for people with blue faces and antennae to show up any day.
But let's not spend all our time talking crazy, huh? Benefits of an ebook reader:

*Customizeable font size
(I'm not gonna lie, my peepers aren't what they used to be. Sometimes it would be nice to read in Gpa-size font.)

We don't have a big house. I like to read more than I like to store books. The storage aspect of this device would be most useful to me on a trip, though. I hate how much space books can take up in my bag when I go somewhere for a week, but I like to bring plenty of material. Problem solved.

*Not having to do that weird thing where you prop your head up so you can read the awkward page when you read in bed.
One screen. Digital page-flipping. No awkward book-propping.

*Instant gratification
Want a book, get a book.  In seconds.  WIN.  Side note: this could prove dangerous.

So that all looks bueno, yeah? Well Jennifer went and screwed up my total faith and confidence in the Kindle by introducing the idea of the Barnes and Noble Nook into my life. The Nook is pretty much like the Kindle, with a few different features. They're the same price.


Kindle features--a little lighter, has an actual keyboard, internet access, Wikipedia, built-in dictionary and note-taking capability, audio capability (speaks books aloud), black and white screen

Nook features--a little shorter, has a touch screen and touch keyboard when needed, no internet access but WiFi, small color touch screen at the bottom, black and white screen to view books.

You know me, I hate feeling like I might make the wrong decision. I have to say that after all of our debate, I'm still probably leaning toward the Kindle. I'd be so happy with either one, though, I'd probably just die. But the Kindle seems like it's the most reliable and it still has a few features that the Nook just can't offer. Jennifer, on the other hand, is leaning toward Nook.

Will we be able to overcome our differences and remain friends? Only time will tell.

(P.S. None of this matters, because our bank account is currently exactly none percent full.)


  1. get serious! i thought i was alone in this lustful adventure. i've been oggling the Kindle. Just days ago I tripped across the Nook. What is a girl to do? Bank account is net zero which makes for an easy answer here, too.


    and ahem... the nook has a built in dictionary as well (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary) and you can mark, highlight and make notes.

    what kindle does not have:

    a color, touch screen (you can put pics on if you so desire and create screensavers.)

    nook allows you to lend books to friends for 14 days. so if i were to buy a book and you wanted to read it, i could send it to you no charge.

    and theres a space for an extra memory card (if i were insane enough to have more than 1,500 books)

    you can directly load PDF files rather than having to convert it and pay a fee with kindle.

    the only thing nook doesnt have:

    no text to speech option and it does have 3G and wi-fi internet, but not an internet browser. but with nook having Android Operating System, I'm sure applications will be created and a browser will be available for future use within no time.

    and that is why im leaning towards nook. even though it hasnt officially dropped yet, it seems more promising than the kindle.
    but what does everyone else think?!?!

  3. I vote Kindle!!! You have now made me want to own one!! I heart technology and gadgets :-D