Friday, November 20, 2009

Hurry up, Friday!

Today is inching, inching, inching along. The sky is gradually blackening outside. I want to be home and in bed. It was hard to get up this morning! Good news though: I pried open my classroom thermostat yesterday, took it apart, and fixed the timer so this morning was the first morning I've showed up and walked in to a warm room! For the past three weeks I've practically been able to see my breath when I got here. I'm so proud of myself. Unfortunately, the student who I got here an hour early to meet was a total no-show. What a nerd.

Before I left this morning I snapped some iPhone shots of the two blankets I'm working on currently. More Christmas presents. This first one is exactly halfway done but I'm still out of black yarn. I need to wait until payday before I hit up zee Wal Marts for some more. Man, that seems like forever! November is always a long, lean month. (Wish the same could be said for me in November!)

Number one. Remember how I said that every blanket I make is my new favorite? Yeah, that's true for this one too. Love it. Like the trash behind it on the floor? What is that? Starbucks napkins? I don't even know. That's just how we roll.

Second one. Totally matches my couch and carpet.

This one's almost 2/3 done. I like the colors. Not for us, though. E's starting to get annoyed that I keep giving these away rather than keeping them.

Pretty sure I made up my mind to stay here for lunch. I forgot my wallet so I can't go out for my normal Friday lunch. I was all set to go home but the sky looks way too ominous and grumpy. I have a sad can of Campbells soup in my cabinet. I think that's preferable to dealing with the outdoors right now. Now if I can just figure out a way to NOT have to go to the bathroom for the rest of the day I'll never have to leave. Stupid tea. That was a bad choice.

Last night E's Aunt Chris had the monkeys so we had a night to ourselves. I might be a traitor to young parents everywhere for posting this, but I missed them! I didn't really want them to be gone! Of course E and I had a really nice dinner out at a new sushi buffet, but our kids are so amenable to whatever lately that we didn't really feel like it would've been that different if they were home. Since I'm teaching Monday and Tuesday nights I feel like I've been missing some prime rugrat time. The most time I spent with Roo was snuggling to watch Top Chef, and Bud has been so busy with Transformers that he didn't have much leftover for Mom. I'm glad they're coming home today.

This weekend E and I have Roo's family birthday party. Time for Birthday, Round 2. Family is easy, though. They're awesome. It will be nice to see everyone.

I'm hoping I can get in some major crochet time and finish both of the blankets I have going right now. I only "have" to make one more, and then after that I'm trying to think about how many more I can do before Christmas. Four? Depends a bit on how much yarn we can afford too. In the scheme of things it's much cheaper to buy yarn and make gifts than to buy things for people. Hopefully my right hand/ wrist will hold up.

Oh yeah. I've been missing running again. It's been about three weeks since I quit for a while because it was too much with this new job. I'm looking forward to starting up again. I've caught myself thinking about it several times in the past week. I really need to get some warmer running clothes, though. I'll probably start up again over Christmas break. By then I'll be on a break from all of my teaching and hopefully I can get back into something like that just for me. My weight is suffering, but I'm putting it out of my mind for now. Too many goodies to enjoy around the holiday season.

Happy weekend! I'm not going to see New Moon because I think the whole Twilight series is a joke. I will probably watch some movies online and E hooked up the Playstation 3 in the bedroom so I can stream Netflix movies in there. That way I don't have to share the XBox with my Call of Duty-obsessed life partner.


  1. I totally dig these blankets you're making, and I can't believe how fast you are!!!!

  2. It's not really me, it's the pattern. It just makes up really quick. Promise.