Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi... Remember me?

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  I promised to blog about something besides yarn and then I didn't follow through.  Whoopsies.  This is how much I love you, Blog: I want to go to sleep so badly right now.  I really do.  But I feel a sense of obligation here.  I want to catch up. We used to be so close, Blog.

So here we are.  You should know that I'm totally going to violate the rules of blog awesomeness (things like you should always have a picture with your post) because even a Google image search is just more than I'm up for.

I haven't written since Saturday, so here's a little rundown of the last three days.

Sunday: housecleaning.  Awesome, no?  No.  It had to be done though.  Things were hard-core nasty in my kitchen sink and the rest of the house wasn't so glowing, either.  I wanted to crochet but even more than that I just wanted to have a clean house.  That took most of the day and then a trip to the grocery store with the monkeys took up the rest.  It was one of those days where I think I need four things and I really end up spending $150.00.  I'm still doing well with my goal of smaller shopping trips, but that was more than I thought I'd spend.

Aside: healthy eating is all but abandoned since Halloween.  We're friends, right?  I can admit that I decided I was tired of not eating enough calories and not eating foods that I enjoyed, so I am eating based on what I like rather than what I know I should be eating.  I'm not having fast food all the time--really not much at all, but I can totally sense a desire in myself to eat things that are more casseroley and homey and warm and full of love.  Oh yeah--and Halloween candy.  And pie.  Mmmm....pie.

Monday was a really hard day for me.  I knew it when I got up.  I had a full day of teaching (which is honestly enough to knock the socks off of anyone) and then a big meeting that I was running after school.  I've been prepping for this meeting for almost three weeks.  I respect the people to whom I was presenting, and I wanted to appear competent and prepared.  I had to meet with our school's Steering committee (of which I was a part until I resigned my position as Performing Arts Department Chair last year) about our three-year WASC review.  If you're not a teacher--which I know means about 99% of you reading this--that just means that we have to do out accredidation review every three years or so.  I am writing our school's mid-term WASC report.  It's a HUGE ASS TASK.  I wanted to do it though because I thought it would buy me some goodwill and a stipend... plus it's going to be independent work which is preferable to hours at school at this point in my life.

After the WASC meeting I had to jet over to teach ballet--no dinner or rest or nuthin'.  That was hard.  I had myself psyched out about it all day so I was already tired when I got there.  I could tell I wasn't going to make a lot of sense, plus I left my lesson plans at home so I had to wing it.  I started saying "attitude" when I meant "arabesque" and at one point I literally could not count to 8.  I got through it, though.  I made it home by about 8:00 and fortunately the stew I'd rushed home at lunch to prep was ready to go.  I've never eaten so much stew in one sitting.  Topped off with some goldfish crackers (I know, what am I, eight??), that stew was the perfect end to the night.  I went to bed right after stew and I don't think I was awake to see 9:30.

I woke up today at about 5:30 and I could tell from moment #1 that the full eight hours of sleep I got were not enough.  My entire body was giving me the middle finger. Today was not so hot.  I felt ill but nothing was wrong with me.  I was just that tired.  I suspended a kid.  Well, I got him suspended.  Actually, he got himself suspended, because today was not the day to say "suck my d--k, you little b-tch" to anyone in front of me.  But this kid sat three feet from my desk and said that to another boy in class.  I HONESTLY CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HOW THEY TALK TO EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF A TEACHER.  Still.  I know I've been doing this a while, but COME ON.  Probably not something you hear if you teach elementary school.  That was the last period of the day and I was already delirious and for a minute I just looked at him like REALLY? Of course this is a kid who has 18% in my class.  He has only turned in four assignments since August.  The rest of his points are basically for existing and the partial credit he gets on his participation grade because he occasionally speaks.

Anyhoo, it took everything I had to get through the day and it was actually a pretty light day of listening to my AP students recite poetry and getting my Freshmen set up to take their Anthem test.  The high point of me today was having lunch with a former dancer--BO--who brought me something SO YUMMY to eat and kept me company... and reminded me that not everyone I teach is a lousy butthead.

After that lovely little slice of a day, I had ballet classes again tonight so I got a coffee and headed to the studio early to make some plans.  I'm glad I did that because I needed the caffeine boost and I needed to have something written down so that I could follow it.  I'm serious, I'm so tired that my brain wasn't working right.  I was kind of weirdly giggly and laughing way too hard at my own jokes.  I know I always laugh at my own jokes, but this was seriously terrible.  Oh yeah... and that latte?  I decided to take April's advice and order a gingerbread latte instead of my usual pumpkin spice... Here was my tweet immediately after:

Sorry, April.  It tasted like chemicals.  I'm done with gingerbread.

Alright kids, I'm having myself a healthy portion of The Biggest Loser now and then I'm going to settle into a mild little coma.  Not to be confused with a comma.  That would be too brief a pause.  I've never been happier about a day off.  I need tomorrow like a fat kid needs cake.  Like Jay Leno needs his chin.  What does that even mean?  I saw a commercial just now and the whole thing degenerated into a giant pile of suck.  Sorry.

Peace out, y'all.


  1. I really just laughed my head off while reading your blog... It is hilarious! It makes me want to start a blog, but I know I will not have anything to say after day 5... :)
    Keep up the funnies!
    Maybe I will have time to start a blog now that Modern Warfare 2 (game)is keeping my usual entertainment occupied... I swear, men get more and more addicted to games as they get older.... we have countdowns to when the next games come out... seriously... The next is November 20th. No break for me!
    I am venting on your blog now! Sorry :P
    Have a great day off tomorrrow!!

  2. You write a great blog when you are tired and frustrated. LOVE IT!

  3. You are funny. Were you really the Performing Arts chair? Cool.
    You are amazing.

  4. Like Jay Leno needs his chin! Baaaaah!