Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(grateful, estrogen-laced) Thanksgiving Post

I got a little shock this afternoon. The doorbell rang and the mail lady handed E an package. He turned to me with that what did you order, we have no money look. For half a second I was in a sweaty panic that I'd ordered something without remembering, or worse--without knowing that I was doing so.

A quick search of my memory didn't reveal anything, so I did what any mature adult does. I started to protest and swear up and down that I was innocent.

"But the package is addressed to you," he said.

Hmm. Seriously, no idea. My next thought was that maybe a relative meant to order something for me for Christmas and it accidentally came early. I didn't figure that was happening, though.

E opened the package and inside was a gold-covered thing. Whoa. Legit present. Still, nothing. He handed the heavy rectangle to me and I nervously peeked inside the little half fold card.
Just because everyone needs a new book for all that holiday downtime!
Hope you enjoy it!
Wow for reals. Wow, wow, wowie wow. What a thoughtful thing to do. BakerGirl of An Extended Vacation is a regular reader and commenter. THAT in itself is a lovely, precious gift to me. This was just... above and beyond. You guys, this is not someone I know IRL (in real life... ha!) just one of the many kind and generous souls I've met in blog land, and she just made the heck out of my day. My month, actually. I'm still smiling.

Of course, Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite author, and of course I've been drooling over this new book. I totally had some time mentally reserved for its reading while on break. Now I can make that a reality. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR YOUR RANDOM KINDNESS!

So this leads me to my other (possibly estrogen-influenced rosy glow kind of) point. This Thanksgiving as I count my blessings--my family that's whole again, my secure job, the roof over my head and enough food to eat--I am most definitely also thankful for you, blog friends. All of you. The chatty ones and the silent ones and the three of you that have been reading since I started this crazy thing back in January. I love to hear from you. I love to see that my hit count has gone up. I love to look at the Google Analytics and see that people all over the world and country are actually reading about my goofy little family, my bumpy relationship, my stupid crock pot recipes.

This blog is good for me because it forces me to document the things in our life. It's also good because from time to time it gives me a creative outlet. By far, though, the best thing I've been able to do here is to speak honestly about things that I wouldn't necessarily be able to give a voice--and in the process so many of you have opened your hearts and your lives in return. Thanks for coming into my life, new blog friends. Thanks for getting to know me better, and allowing me to get to know some of you better, old friends who hang around. I'm so grateful (and maybe, like I said--a little hormonal) right now that I have you here. Thanks, Blog.

I'm going to make an effort to pay BakerGirl's kindness forward. Not sure how yet, but I feel like the universe would be happy with that response. What a lovely, unexpected surprise.

I wish you all a blessed day tomorrow. If you're with family, I pray that it's relaxing and comfy. If you're alone and hurting (been there, friend) my heart goes out to you too. Remember that it won't always be like this. No matter what, I wish you peace. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey coma, tryptomaniacs. :)


  1. I'm so happy for you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving! I also wanted to share a really easy gift idea with you!

    This is just a random site I googled so I could share the idea!

  2. You totally rock.

    I hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one.

  3. So sweet! Surprise packages in the mail are THE BEST. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the present! I totally considered the fact that there might be a "what did you order" throw down but figured it would end okay. :-)

    (J is always rolling his eyes when I get yet ANOTHER order from fed-ex or UPS... I keep telling him I wouldn't have to order so much if we lived somewhere where awesome stuff is available!)

    I love giving gifts, especially surprise gifts, I think I get a bigger kick out of that than getting them!

  5. Thanks everybody! (Heidi, I'll comment you over on your Lance...) :)