Sunday, November 22, 2009

Father/son Mario

When Addie was first born, E would take a late night feeding every night and give her a bottle so I could rest. He'd do this by propping her up in his arms and (sometimes) playing video games around her all night while he just rocked and rocked in that glider. *sigh*

It's only fitting that now he sits and plays these games with the monkeys. A few days ago we rented the new Super Mario for Wii and right now Henry is all about it. It's a great game--total nod to those of us who spent countless hours on the side-scrolling Marios of yesteryear. I'm enjoying watching the two of them play so much I don't have any desire to do so myself.

Henry drew Mario tonight (below). I can't take it. Too funny and adorable. Look at the toes. :)

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  1. Too cute! J (my bf) plays rock with his brother and niece. It's too funny and she likes to tell him "Uncle J, you need to stop singing"

    Makes my night everytime :-)

  2. I haven't ventured into the world of rock band or any of those games because I know our entire life would become about that game... maybe it's time??? It's funny how our generation is such a video game generation!