Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You know what's cool?

Well first let me tell you what's not cool.  Waiting until today to go out and run.  I kinda took the whole recovery thing too far.  Waited a week and a half until I hit the road after my Half Marathon.  Whoopsies.  In my defense, Internet, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday.  I planned to start again yesterday but I had to bail on that.

Seriously, who do I know that owns a treadmill?  I can see this whole Winter thing is going to cramp my style, and we totally can't afford a gym membership.  Wonder how much they charge you for drop-ins, or if they even let you do that.

Anyway, it was a good day to run.  Here's what's cool.  I went out slow and thought I'd just run wherever I felt like it, and I didn't have the GPS turned on, so I wasn't going to be all about time or speed.  I did set a timer right when I left, just to keep track of how long I was out.  I didn't even plan my route though.  Just ran.  The cool part was that it felt like a really short run--easy--I even walked a lot on the way back, and when I mapped it out I realized it was 4.25 miles.  Not too shabby, and my time was actually decent.  Hmph.  It felt like nothing.  Sweet.

Some particularly menacing leaves on my trail.  Rawr.

It smells really good outside right now--a byproduct of the streets and trails littered with branches and leaves.  It looks like Nature's garbage can, but it smells like Heaven.  California wasn't ready for Winter, so its trees were improperly dressed; heavy branches laden with leaves were no match for that rainstorm, so now they're keeping every gardener in town steadily employed.  I'm a little scared of wet trails--I can't get that popping feeling out of my mind from when I rolled my ankle and went down a few months ago--but I managed to stay on my feet.

I feel better.  I'm glad I got out there.  My knees and ankles were starting to get stiff from lack of use and I was aching unecessarily.  I knew once I got out there I'd feel good and want to do it again.  Mission accomplished.  Now if you'll all 'scuse me: there's a chicken that's been cooking in the crock pot all day, of which I'm about to go partake.


  1. Grandma has a treadmill she's been using to walk on. I'm sure she would love if you came over to use it if you get desperate.

  2. Been enjoying the Wasa and Skinny Cow, per your suggestion. Yummm...especially good with sliced tomatoes on top.
    Congrats on the half marathon!

  3. My mom was in a car accident and she is slowly recovering so we decided to get a treadmill. You can actually get one decently priced on amazon(350ish?)which at the time seems like a lot but considering how much a membership is...or craigslist!