Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

Things on my to-do list for this week:

1. Rock the socks off some ballet classes
2. Get enough sleep
3. Maintain my regular run schedule
4. Eat things that will help me feel good.
5. Finish grading these papers.

It was a good weekend.  I'm beat.  Before I get to the details, here's a giant scoop of nerddom for you.  Saw this at Sam's Club today and it turned me into a giggly sixteen year old World History student for a minute:

The cart of the people, since 1215.  Just call me the Great Carter.  Suck it, nobility.

Okay, enough of that geeky stuff.  Le week-end.  (By the way, way to go, Frenchies, making up your own word for "week-end.")

Friday I was a wreck and a half.  I did not feel well at all.  I fell asleep early which lead to late night insomnia.  That meant I was awake to witness my own coughing fits and throat scratches and listen to E snore.  Yeeeeuck (me, not him).  I had a hard time sleeping Friday night.  Saturday morning E was up early to go over to the family garage sale at my Grandma and Grandpa's house.  I brought the monkeys over at about 10:00.  I wasn't much help at the sale since I still felt like crawling back in bed.  Even though we didn't sell a whole lot of stuff we made a nice haul.  Good thing, because it's going to groceries, dog food and gas for the rest of the month.  Did I mention how badly I am still hoping E will get a job?  Anywhere?

Saturday night at about 8:00 I picked up The Lost Symbol and thought I'd start reading it.  I'd taken a fat nap that afternoon so I knew I was going to have a hard time sleeping... cut to me finishing the book at about 3:00 AM.  Not great for healing my cold.  It was hard to get up today. In some ways, worth it though. I can't remember the last time I got to read an entire book in one sitting.  Man, I love to read.  Sometimes I forget that, ironically, when I'm teaching reading and writing.  It sucks the love of reading out of me just the same way it does to kids.  It just makes me tired.  It's nice that I've been able to read so much lately.

Sunday I had breakfast with April and Mimi and one of Mimi's friends.  I ate a ton of french toast, as previously mentioned.  Oh, and I'll just own up to this now too:  I didn't run this weekend.  I did manage to get both my short runs in this week, but didn't feel well enough to run a long one.  What is it that they say, that if you're sick above the neck you can still run?  Mine's definitely still lodged in my lungs, so I'm hoping it vacates soon.  I really want to try to keep a normal schedule.

There's a new Sam's Club that just opened near us so we went over today to browse.  We didn't buy a lot, and it was nice to window shop a bit--certainly not as nice as buying, but fun.  I did a bit of pre-Christmas list browsing.  In case you're reading this *ahem* Mom, or Santa's elves, here are some things from Sam's that looked mighty appealing to me.  I even took pics of the tags.  I'm so thoughtful.  Here you go.

CK Ladies Raincoat
Dark Brown or Black
size medium

I don't know now if I took a picture of the wrong color or if it just came out light--but I liked the darker ones.  I wish I took a picture of this on me.  It's a knee-length raincoat with a hood.  Not very exciting, but I need one.  Eh, it will look fine with some boots and a bright scarf.

Nike ladies Sphere jacket
Dark Plum (fave) or black
Size medium

Nike tag.

All kinds of good things at Sam's Club.  I'm sure Costco is just as wonderful right now.  Maybe I need to go in there with my camera too.  I'm still lusting over the Amazon Kindle every day but that's more of a dream than a reality item on the list. 

After we got home I spent HOURS working on my lil' ol blog.  In the end I didn't change that much, but it took me so long to get it how I wanted it.  What do you think? (I typed this and then I realized I can only see the new fonts for the post titles if I'm running Explorer.  On Firefox (which I usually use), nothing.  Grr... Maybe all that work was for nothing.)  :/


I'm writing this Sunday night to post Monday, and I've got about 28 minutes and half a bag of Skittles to kill before Brothers and Sisters comes on TV.  I'm so glad I can vicariously live through the Walkers' bizarre fortune to have every human tragedy occur in their one family.  How is that show so sad, and yet I love it so much?  Maybe if my life was set to an uber-cool acoustic soundtrack it'd feel that way too.  Meh.

I'm working through the Skittles in order from worst to best: Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red. How do you eat your Skittles?


  1. Redesign looks great, I like your new font.
    Skittles: Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple. (Icky to Yum scale).

  2. Eat the worse first:

    purple, red, orange, green (sometimes orange and green will switch places), yellow. The most important thing is to get rid of purple first and save yellow for last. Hey may we should eat skittles together, we could trade purple for yellow. :-)

  3. ps- that was supposed to say worst, not worse, not that it really matters

  4. If I eat icky to yum in skittle flavors its:

    Purple, Red, Orange, Green and Yellow.

    I hate anything grape flavored. EW

  5. I'm on Firefox and I can see the cool new title font.

    I LIKE! Kudos for changing up the blog. It's a tedious time-suck, I know.