Thursday, October 22, 2009

Social Media Junkie

I lurrrrrve me some social media.  Now wait.  Hold your horses, haters.  It's a wonderful way to connect with more people on a daily basis than ever before.  I seriously love it.  Every day I'm touched, I laugh, and I find all kinds of new amusements I'd never have found without twitter, facebook and blogs.  I've found people at the ends of the earth, people that would have faded from my life without this kind of link.  This blog--this one, RIGHT HERE--has helped me to make so many meaningful connections.

OF COURSE you need to be careful.  OF COURSE I bare my soul on here, but I am actually really selective about the kinds of details I will include.  It might not seem that way, but I am.  Feelings? Fair game.  Deep personal secrets?  Notsomuch.  Just don't be an idiot, and I think the Internet can be for you too, kids.

In addition to my three hour font change extravaganza last weekend, I also worked on some social media junk.  Don't worry.  It's not scary.  You're not signing up for anything that could lead to money-requesting emails from Nigerian princes.  I've tested all of this stuff out and it works beautifully and it is NOT SCARY.  Did I already say that? Check it out.

A few days ago, I created a Facebook page for the blog.  If you like everything all in one place, it puts a brief preview of each post right into your newsfeed. Cool, huh? I got the idea from Tracy on the Cheap.

Click the picture or click HERE to become a Facebook fan of Alis Grave Nil.

Tonight I also made a twitter page for the blog.  If you have my personal twitter, that will continue to link to the blog as well, but this one will be strictly blog-related.  No whining.  Okay, maybe only a little whining.

Click the picture or CLICK HERE to follow Alis Grave Nil on twitter.

Of course there are other ways to stay on top of things without having to click over here every day.  The easiest is to have the blog delivered via email.  Each post will arrive in your inbox as an email.  Every day.  No need to check and see when something new goes up.

CLICK HERE to subscribe to Alis Grave Nil via email.

Another thing you can do to get regular posts is to "subscribe" to the blog feed in a reader.  All this means is that the content I put up is delivered to you in a blog "inbox"--along with any other blogs that you subscribe to.  See that little orange box to the right?  The one with the three white semi circles?  That's on any site with an RSS feed.  Click on it here (or on any site) to subscribe.  If you want to know about blog readers, you can read my post on Google Reader, which I love and I use on my iGoogle page to read multiple blogs each day.  It's like having the best columns of the newspaper delivered to your inbox.  It's like funmail.

CLICK HERE to view or subscribe to the feed for Alis Grave Nil.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  There's still good ol' fashioned "Followers" using Blogger/Google.  See?  To the right, all those cute little square pictures.  You can follow the blog that way too.  Thanks to all of you who already do.  :)

See?  Fun stuff.

Now, another question I get all the time is this:

How do you automatically sync your new blog posts to your Facebook status?

This one's for those of you with blogs.  Obviously.  It's not exactly as it seems.  Actually, I've linked my blog to Twitter, via Twitterfeed.  I've also linked my Twitter status to my Facebook status, using the Twitter application on Facebook.  Sooo... what all this mumbo jumbo means is that every time I make a new post, it goes on my RSS feed, which goes to Twitterfeed, which goes to Twitter, which goes to Facebook.  All this happens (on a good day) in a matter of minutes without any help from me.  I really like it because it's easy and you can customize it.  It's all linked together.  The hip bone's connected to the... thigh bone...

Here's how to set it up:

1) Create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Twitterfeed (just do a Google search for those).
2) Know your RSS feed address.  This is not the same as your blog address.  Click on the RSS icon and it should take you there.  You need this for Twitterfeed to work.
3) Customize the way you want your Tweets/ status updates to look.  I have a preset {new blog post} at the beginning, followed by the title.  You can make it whatever floats your boat.
4) Go to the Twitter application on Facebook and allow Twitter to update your status.  (Side note: I keep trying the selective status app and it appears to suck.  Sorry.)
5) Once it's all set up, you shouldn't have to do anything.  If it doesn't work, you probably didn't get the RSS feed address right.

Another thing I'm trying right now is to use the selective twitter status update feature to update the Blog fan page.  (Yeah, if I lost you before, you're going to need a compass to get out of here now.)  Like I said a second ago, that app appears to suck.  For now, I've been updating the Facebook fan page manually.  That way I know it will look the way I want it to.  I'm hoping I can use the new Blog Twitter page to update that eventually.

Email me if you have questions.  I might have made it worse than it was before.


  1. Aren't you tech savvy...Nice job!
    I wish I had more time to work on my blog, but alas, law school homework owns my soul as of now.
    I may have to try that twitterfeed idea though, thanks for sharing that!
    Have a great Friday!

  2. Good job for getting it all set up! See you on Twitter land and Facebook land!

  3. I, too, am a blogger/facebook junkie...however I can't for the life of me figure out or get into Twitter. I feel a little left out :)

    I discovered your blog via search engine a few days ago...I think you are very brave and amazing for being so candid about your marriage :)

    If you'd like to check my blog out, I'm hosting a fun Christmas giveaway right now :)

  4. great blog, your kids are super cute :) i am also addicted to blogger and facebook. i tend too keep them seperate but good on you for making a fbook page for your blog that is pretty cool.