Friday, October 09, 2009

Pumpkin spice and a quick blog.

I have a few minutes before school starts.  Very few.  This will be quick.

I feel crummy.  Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, nursing the same headache I had all day yesterday.  My shoulders are aching.  My ankles feel stiff.  I DON'T WANNA BE AT WORK.

I forgot my phone at home.  Well, I hope I did because if I didn't, I lost it somewhere on the way to school.  I had to rush to the store to pick up a snack I promised my seniors.  Did I mention that E slept on MY PILLOW with his elbow firmly planed in my eye?  (I was on my pillow at the time too.)  He's moved from just rolling near me to taking over my territory completely.  I anticipate some kind of trench warfare.  I CAN'T SLEEP WITH AN ELBOW IN MY EYE SOCKET.

I'm cold.  I'm not good at being cold.  I am, as evidenced by this post, great at complaining.

Today is a minimum day so I'm done by approximately 12:30, but I have to finalize grades and upload them before I leave.  This usually means I have one craptastic hum-dinger of a day.  Minimum days never go smoothly.

I'm hoping that a nice warm Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte improves things.  Ameliorates them.  I used that word in a tweet last night, and I can't stop thinking about it.  Ameliorate just feels good in my mouth.  I wonder--is there anyone else who feels this way about words?  Probably not.

I posted yesterday about my new job opportunity--teaching ballet again as a second job--and I now am smack-dab in the middle of a big decision about it.  Of course I want to earn money, of course we need money, but I'm worried about doing exactly what I swore up and down that I wouldn't do--promise away my time with my family and end up in the same kind of stressful, fully-committed schedule.  I'm still talking to E about it, but I need to make a decision soon.  I can't wait for the day where we're a two income family and I'm not earning both incomes.  I know this is just how it is, but I'm really scared I'm going to burn out.

For now I'm going to sip my coffee and think about Thanksgiving.


  1. Hope your day goes better than expected, I can't imagine sleeping with an elbow in my eye :)
    Hopefully that Pumpkin latte improves things.
    If not, just remember, it's almost the weekend!

  2. Um...firstly, a pumpkin spice latte sounds divine right about now...secondly, and most importantly, I know the money would benefit y'all financially and stuff, but I wouldn't give up my time with my family. After all you've been through I think maybe a dance teaching sabbatical would be the best thing. This of course is merely my opinion, but you're already teaching full time and then adding another part time job on top of that will add stress. Not that I don't miss teaching because I totally do I just don't think (my opinion again, take it or leave it) it would be a great idea for you to do both right now. I'm glad you and E are talking about it right now and I know you'll make the right decision for you and your family! I'm praying for y'all and I'm sad we didn't get to hang out more than just that Thursday night!


  3. Hope the Latte helped things out!! Long days are rough with grades, Im sure, but that was nice you went to the store and lived up to the promise for your seniors :) I like that word too - you always use new words, sometimes I even say them out loud while I read your blog.

  4. I believe someone made fun of me last year for taking and posting a picture of a warm, delicious, Pumpkin Spice Latte.

    I wonder who that could be?

  5. ummmmmm i love words. lets have a word party. one of my friends was a SAT tutor/teacher during our "college years." The fact that i can even say "college years" makes me sad too...weird. anyhoo, we can invite her. she's full of words i've never heard of before.