Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Non sequiturs

Sacramento's remodeled "boat section" of I-5, currently filled with water.  Am I the only person who thinks this is hilarious?

I have 20 kids in my sixth period class.  Guess how many did their homework last night.  Go ahead.  I can wait... TWO KIDS!  Is that what you guessed?  No?  Well you GUESSED WRONG, smart guy.  Sometimes I wonder if it is really my job or if I've been getting punked for seven years straight.  *sigh*

Once again, I find myself spending more and more time googling information about law school.  LSAT, LSAC, school websites, summer programs... Is that crazy?  Yeah, probably.  You know what's the single biggest obstacle in my mind?  I think law school would be hard--heck, I saw E do it.  I know the time away from the family would be killer.  I know the reading is insane.  I know it knocks you down so you have to build yourself up.  That I think I can do.  It's the LSAT I'm terrified of.

It felt so good to come home and put my cozy pants on after school.  Cozy pants, slippers, sweatshirt, warm socks.  I love the rain when I'm inside.  I'm getting drowsy here on the couch, but I'm hoping I can hold out so I'm not up so late.  I'm having a hard time fighting the soft white noise of the rain though.  So soothing.

I tweeted this the other night, but I'm so in love with fruit-infused water right now.  I'm trying not to drink soda anymore--I bought some Hansens which I drank for a few days (feeling all puffed up that my soda was natural) until I realized that it has the same (or more) sugar/calories in it than a regular coke.  No thank you.  So I've been all about the flavored water.  I started with cucumbers--just a few sliced in the top of the water bottle and then left in the fridge overnight to steep.  Mmmm.  So good.  Today I put some lemon in with the cucumbers.  That's good too.  I know I like lime; that's what they have at the Thai food restaurant.  I'm trying strawberry water tomorrow.  I know it's dorky, but it reminds me of spa water, and then I'm not wasting calories or consuming a boatload of caffeine or sodium.

Have you seen The Upside Down Show?  That was a question for parents only; I guess I should have specified.  Shout out to the parents.  Hey-o.  So anyway, my monkeys are obsessed with The Upside Down Show lately, and it's a great show.  Lots of pretending, dancing and pantomime... it's turned Henry into a complete nut.  His favorite is this dance called the "Happy Fly Ditty" which he performs regularly.  I'm going to try to get him doing it on videotape.

I'm feeling good about dinner tonight--tri tip and asparagus.  I feel like I need to eat something nice and warm and filling.  I've got a chicken thawed for tomorrow--it's going in the crock pot so I'm going to get that all set up tonight too.

I think everybody in California needs to calm the freak down, though.  Yes, local news channel, I'm talking to you.  It's rain, not the Four Horsemen.  Lighten up, you easily excitable nerds.


  1. Yep this post pretty much made my day.
    They are way too easily excited!

    So you're thinking about law school? Very exciting. This probably wouldn't surprise you all that much because your hubby went, but the majority of my class at McG is people who had another job/career before they decided on law school. I also know a few mom's, including one who was a teacher before as well.
    If you ever have the time and want to sit in on a class (you may have with E already, but I thought I would extend the invite anyways) you'd be more than welcome to join me.
    Sorry I get on a major roll talking about law school - they haven't jaded me yet lol!
    Hope you had a good day despite the crazy rain!

  2. "I think everybody in California needs to calm the freak down, though. Yes, local news channel, I'm talking to you. It's rain, not the Four Horsemen. Lighten up, you easily excitable nerds."

    100% agree! I remember when we had a cold snap last year and the local news had a whole segment on how to protect your plants and flowers from the cold...I couldn't help thinking "The rest of the country is just laughing at California and our wussy little flowers."

    And also, the freeway being underwater? Hysterical.