Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The nap blankie

It's a cloud. It's a queen-sized cottonball, wrapped in a worn polyester shell.  Tiny orange and pink flowers fleck the pale fabric like cupcake sprinkles. Every edge: rounded, warm. It exudes the smells of my grandma's house--gingersnaps, jam, Chex Mix, laundry soap and love. It's all I can think about on this windy day: The nap blankie. I want to swaddle myself in it like an infant and shut out the world.

Unfortunately, the nap blankie lives with Grandma and Grandpa. It is also the single most coveted item in that house, equally loved by uncles, nieces and grandchildren alike. My grandpa keeps threatening to divvy it up and give us each a chunk. I am convinced that this is a Solomonic test to see who loves the nap blankie most. I do. I mean it. The magic lies in the quality of its fibers but also in its size. To cut it up would be to end the essence that is the nap blankie.

At our family garage sale I slipped into the house for a nap and snuggled into the nap blankie.  Henry saw me and said "hey, that blankie is for me and Ad!"  Nope.  No way, son.  Know your place.  You're going to have to fight off a lot of family members before you can claim that Golden Fleece.  (Is the Golden Fleece a good thing?  I think it is, right?  E, that question is for you.  I don't know my Argonaut-related references well enough.  Stop laughing at me.  You're the nerd.)

The nap blankie is all I can think about today.  I am really having a hard time maintaing the energy necessary to work two jobs.  I am loving the kids at ballet and loving teaching them, but I am exhausted.  Wiped out. Pooped.  Finished.  I miss Roo and Bud.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to summon the energy I need to teach tonight.  I want to help my family by working another job, but this might be too much for me.

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  1. Oh no, Sleepy! No one should have to work two jobs. Working one is bad enough.

    My parents also have a Golden Fleece for their pug Uncle Homer! We call it his "Mother." As in, "Ooo, Uncle Homer wants to lie down. Go get his Mother."