Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cool running

Get it?  Cool?  Because it's cold out?  And I was running?  And running is cool?  (Okay, H, stop explaining your jokes.  They weren't funny enough to warrant any additional effort.)

Can I just tell you that I tell jokes at least three or four times a day and nobody laughs?  It's one of the best parts of teaching.  Cricket, cricket.  Take that, Confidence!

Can I also just tell you that I'm pretty sure my right leg fell off at about 2:30 PM today and my left leg fell off about 3:12 PM?  Did anybody see them somewhere along the boulevard?  My, that just sounds wrong.  Scratch that.  Okay, they didn't fall off but I wanted them to.  I wish human legs were like lizard tails and I could just sprout some new ones.  These gams were filled with lactic acid by this afternoon and I felt like the Human Bruise.

I didn't even pick up Roo from school--I sweet talked E into doing it and I came right home to crash.  I don't even have a handle on how long I slept, but it had to be two or three hours.  When I woke up I realized that there was probably only an hour of sunlight left so I decided to hit the road.

I was exhausted and sore and hungry for dinner, but I decided in the moment that I needed to go.  I've been missing running this week.  I scheduled some track work for Monday but when my car wouldn't start I forgot my shoes and the whole day was a little off.  Today was my chance to make a positive choice.  Done.  It wasn't the greatest run, but it was a run and when I mapped it after I got back I realized that I ran farther than I meant to.  4.8 miles down, and they didn't really feel like much at all.  I'm proud of myself for that.  I'm getting closer to working up to a steady 5 mile basic run for the week.  I feel like if I can do that two or three weekdays it gives me a nice base and I can get a long run done on the weekend.

It was cold though, y'all!  It was probably my least favorite climate: cold and windy.  Ick. Tonight it was apparent that I'm not properly outfitted for the cold weather.  My running was enough to keep my upper legs and hips warm, but I had cold hands and calves and the last mile or so I was freeeezing as the sun dropped down.  My cotton long-sleeve shirt and T-shirt had soaked up my sweat (sorry, gross) and I was really cold.  I'm totally putting a vest, some full-length compression tights and a long sleeve tech tee on my Christmas list.

The best thing about tonight's run?  The fall smells.  The wind gave me a fat headache, but it gave the air a nice freshness.  I could smell fires in fireplaces and hearty meals.  The trees smell different too, and their leaves were beautiful shades of red.  Funny--if you would have asked me even last year if the leaves changed here I would have said not much.  I love that I have spent so much more time outdoors since I started running last Spring.  There's so much peace and beauty in nature--even the nature that's right outside my house.

Before I go, two (disparate) quotes from the last two days that I love:

"If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough."
~Jillian Michaels

"A life hemmed in prayer is less likely to come unraveled." 
~Random fence sign on my run tonight

Peace out, Cub Scouts.

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