Friday, October 16, 2009

The ABC’s of P

A – Advocate For: ??? I have to be an advocate for something in the first one? Um. Advocate for... ? I'm having a hard time. I'm not a vocal champion of many things. Maybe fairness? But even then I'm kind of weenie about speaking up. Less so at work but I feel like my "work persona" isn't necessarily the real me.

B – Best Feature: Eyes. I like mine. Big brown eyes. They're good for makeup.

C – Could do without: Cucumbers and bell peppers, but I am making a serious effort.

D – Dreams & Desires: Law school. Writing (and publishing) a book. Going to Europe.

E – Essential items: Chapstick. TiVo. Hugs. Synthetic running socks. Two pillows. Almond butter. Quilts. Books. Flip flops. Express jeans. Quilts. "I love you"-s

F – Favourite pastime: Writing, reading, sitting by a river, napping.

G – Good at: Organizing things into charts and/or essays.

H – Have never tried: Skydiving. Oops, first I typed "sly-diving" which sounds like more fun. I'm never going to jump out of a plane, ever. At this point it's all about trying to be around for the monkeys for as long as possible. I have a hard enough time flying, anyway.

I – If I Had a Million Dollars: First: pay off the house, Second: Pay off E's law school loans. Third: (with the remaining $20.00): get a good pizza or something.

J – Junkie For: Sour patch watermelon straws. Dark chocolate. Strawberry cream cheese pie. Coke. Raspberries.

K – Kindred Spirit: Gluten free E. Darnit, he just gets me.

L – Little Known Fact: I have to shave my legs every single day. I can't stand to skip even one. Ew.

M – Memorable Moment: Watching E walk in during his graduation from law school. I was so proud. I don't think I've ever felt that much of a clear sense of what kind of challenge it had been for another person, and that made me so proud of him for making it through. When he was walking in to the processional, the music and everything just overwhelmed me.

N – Never Again Will I: Volunteer to chaperone a high school dance. In addition to being annoying, it's really boring. And sometimes cold.

O – Occasional Indulgence: Massages. Any kind of spa treatment. I haven't met one yet that I don't like. Sometimes when I'm feeling down and we don't have a lot of money, I'll go get my eyebrows waxed at the local cheapie nail salon, just because it's like a little mini-spa thing. Yes, I know that's weird.

P – Profession: English teacher. And as of next week, ballet teacher.

Q – Quote: Too many to count. I collect quotes like ceramic figurines. This year I've been doing a quote of the day on the whiteboard for my students. Today's was: "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

R – Reason to Smile: Henry and Roo

S – Sorry About: That one thing. You know, that one time. With you know who. Sorry about that. I didn't mean it, but I'm sorry it hurt you.

T – Things That Are Worrying You Right Now: MONEY, and if I'm going to be mad at myself for taking a second job when I have to work two nights a week.

U – Uninterested In: (Disinterested in?) Tila Tequila. Heidi and Spencer.

V – Very Scared Of: Anything scary. Dark. Strangers. Heights. Flying. Losing control. Mean people.

W – Worst Habits: Talking/saying/writing too much. Worrying. Taking things too seriously/ too much to heart.

X – X Marks My Ideal Vacation Spot: Fiji.

Y – Yummiest Desert: Chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Taurus.

I got the ABC's of Me Meme from Loralee's Looney Tunes.  Feel free to take it and do it yourself.  Leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can read it.  Happy Friday!


  1. This was really cute! I took it over at my blog!


  2. I haven't done it yet, but I am going to. You can check it out once it's done!

  3. Damn, for the longest time I thought it was spelled Fuji. May have to give the meme a shot.

  4. Loved the ABC's. Especially the If I had a million dollars bit. $20 for!
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a great weekend! Maybe the weather will be good for running!

  5. I took it! This one was interesting. Different than lots of them . . .

    You can check mine out here :

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Yep, I took it! It was fun, thanks!
    If you want to read mine, it's at