Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Worcestershire sauce is not beer

Ask me how I know.

Yeek. So tired still! Geez. What the what is going on? I have some serious molasses in my groove right now. I just reached in the fridge for a cold brew with dinner and found myself mindlessly twisting the top of a Worcestershire sauce bottle, wondering why my "beer" had a plastic cap.

I ended up talking five hours straight at work today, and if I answer one more question about college applications or how to construct a paragraph, I'll probably blow chunks. Actually, it was a great day and a fun day but it was a really talky day so I'm just beat on top of beat from Back to School Night. And really, how much fun can you pretend you're having while you talk about topic sentences three times in a row? YAY THIS IS FUN! COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS ARE FOR THE COOL KIDS.

Tonight is the Night of the Glorious Tivo, and there's so much on that I am not joking when I say I have to run two Tivos in two rooms just to catch it all. I can't miss ma stories, y'all.

Two snaps up for E man for making dinner. If it was up to me I would have thrown a tub of peanut butter and a Mac N Cheese mix into the middle of the playroom and let them work it out like the wild animal kingdom. While I'm talking about food I might as well mention that we worked it out and Henry's going to preschool (wait for it, there's a connection) and suddenly there's a new rule about no peanuts or peanut butter or almond butter or basically what they're saying is they've eliminated one of the major food groups for preschoolers within three miles of preschool because some kid is allergic and might, like, not breathe.

Sigh. I was so annoyed.

And then I remembered we're "that family" too. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


  1. I love wed nights!! Currently SYTYCD and next glee!

  2. I once poured orange juice on my cereal. It wasn't til I took a bite that I realized it (Yuck!). That was in high school. I must have been sleep deprived from English and World History class homework. ;-)