Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Woohoo hair. Before/After

I lurve my hairstylist.  ORLY?  Yes, really.  I also enjoy going to the salon and watching all the craziness that comes through the door.  Today I got (jokingly?) hit on by a guy at the salon, saw a former student do highlights, sucked up my free Diet Pepsi, and chatted it up with my girl, H, about the Adam Corrolla podcast.  Apparently she’s a fan too.

Before/After pics, just for fun.  I didn’t wash me locks this morning on purpose.  Okay, maybe I was just lazy.  I tried rockin’ a front braid though, a la Annemarie.  It highlights the difference between dark and light roots nicely.  The braid, not Annemarie.  I was totally two-toned.

Picture 002Picture 004

  BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

(cheap sunglasses, GIANT forehead)                 (four chins and Thomas the train curtains)

Some more after, just because I love having NICE looking hair again:  

Picture 005 Picture 006

I just tucked Henry in and he said “Mom, know what I especially love?”

“No,” I replied.  “What, Bud?”

“You guys.”




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  1. Love the color! Looks so good! And your front braid looks so much better than mine!