Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Randoms

I woke up this morning feeling achy, so I got up. I was afraid if I went back to bed I wouldn't be able to get out of it. Gluten-free E has pneumonia, so I'm a bit on edge about sickness right now. Oh, and Ad barfed right before school yesterday. Good times, Blog. I think mine's just soreness from three days of running after a two week break.

Last night I could barely walk. Every time I would get out of bed I'd have to stand for a minute and find my balance like it was the first time I'd used my legs. They were so stiff and sore right after I ran, too. Not a good sign. Definite sign that I pushed it too hard this week. Taking today off so my muscles can regroup a little. Making my pain worse? Scaling the pile of laundry in the hall every time I had to walk to or from my bedroom. Don't judge.

Show and tell time. 'Member that blister I sprouted on Tuesday? I decided to ignore it and run again yesterday. I thought if I wore different socks... Nope. Just made it super ouchie and red. You can see the blister in the purple circle. The red heart? That's where I grew a second blister INSIDE the first one. Kill me now. The black is where it's open. Totally gross, I know. I just wanted you to TASTE MY PAIN.

I'm looking into some running socks.

There's no segue between feet and anything, so I'll just jump right in. I started using the Lose It App again the other day to track my caloric intake. I was using it most of the summer and it really helped me to figure out what I was taking in and what I needed to take in. OH, WAIT. I didn't post this yet: when I was at the doc the other day getting my ankle x-rayed just to make sure it's not permanently messed up, I tested my body fat. I haven't done it since June, when I decided that my body fat percentage was awful. Are you ready? Drum roll please...

My body fat is down over 5% since June. Wowzer. It makes me so happy. I've lost some weight, but if you've been reading this blog you know my constant lamenting of the fact that I feel like I should be losing more. 5%? Woo freakin' hoo. That's so good. That makes me feel like all of this has been FOR something. All of this has been having some effect on my health. JOY.

Anyhoo... The Lose it App... You put in your exercise for the day and your height and weight and age and it gives you a daily calorie budget based on your goals... I just thought I'd post this screen shot from last night because it reveals a little game I play by myself. Related: Do you know if you quickly push the circle button and the top button on your iPhone at any time, it will take a screen shot? Henry discovered this for me.

Here's a screen shot from after I input dinner last night. As you can see, AFTER dinner I still had 892 budgeted calories. I felt like I hit a jackpot on a slot machine. It made me feel like I was smarter than the app. I'm such a nerd. Anyway, I ate more after this, but I still didn't "use up" all my budgeted calories. I just wanted you to know that I was trying to beat this thing last night like it was a video game.

You should also know that I love to eat and I was eating all day. My breakfast tends to be small because I can't digest a lot first thing in the morning (piece of toast with a little bit of almond butter and jam and a glass of water) and yesterday my lunch was soup--low cal--and I didn't have any big snacks at work. I just happened to come in SUPER under. I don't want anybody to think I was starving myself. One of the things I've learned on this health quest is that I need to eat all day long, but I don't need to eat nearly as many calories each time as I was previously.

What else? E has an interview for that internship tomorrow. *fingers crossed* He's still really sick, so I'm hoping he can have a good day.

Today is one of my oldest friends' birthdays--and I say this because she's so much older than me (8 months). Happy Birthday, Mari Lyn! Love you! Mari Lyn and I have been friends since lunch on the first day of Junior High when I asked her if she was "the Mari Lyn" that my mom (an Elementary school teacher) had told me about. She's been around for basically every important thing that ever happened to me. I don't have a pic in this computer, but I'll scan one and post it later. Hope you have a great day, ML!

Guess what, it's also another one of my favorite people's birthdays today. Happy Birthday, Boobala. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you even better as an adult. You're going to make a beautiful bride next month and I wish you a wonderful year as well. :)

Okay, I better go get ready for school. The thought of standing on these sore legs has been keeping me on the couch for the last 40 minutes. Ugh. Nothing like a budget meeting first thing in the morning with the Superintendent of your district to really fire you up and get you excited to work.

Oh yeah... and I have quilting class tonight! Eep.


  1. Thanks HP!!!! I miss you! It's been too long since we've seen each other!

  2. Awww, thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm feeling crummy today and that cheered me up. I am old but you're not far behind! :) Thanks Cheer Box buddy- love you too!