Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So tired.

Thirteen hour work day. It's just too much. Forgot my wallet. Sweated (sweat? I'm too tired to look up grammar.) out three gallons whilst talking to parents at Back to School Night. Mouth dry. Hands fidgety. Mouth umm-y. Back to School Night makes me feel like a total poser, by the way.

Haven't run yet this week, and it's killing me. I know tomorrow morning I'm going to be too exhausted to get up early and go tomorrow too. *sigh* Do you like that sentence? Can YOU TELL I'M TIRED! I'm leaving it. The crappy sentence and the exclamation point after tired. Deal with it.

I don't have much to say tonight. I'm feeling kind of lame. All I want to do is close this computer and go watch Fatties. (Fatties = The Biggest Loser. Best. Show. Ever. I say Fatties with love, ya know. This show is so inspiring. It makes me cry all the time. Oh, this show.) TBL totally inspired me to start running.

So, I bit into a piece of tri tip at lunch today and I hurt one of my teeth really bad. This was really awesome since I did the exact same thing to the same tooth last night. It still hurts. It's making me even more cranky. It wasn't bad enough that I opened the door of my classroom ACROSS THE TOP OF MY TOES yesterday too, taking three layers of skin off each one. If there's something within 20 feet that could injure me, I'm going to find it. I'm so freaking awesome.

I got free pizza at my meeting, though. That's something. And candy. Related note: I did not make my caloric goal for the day. Lameski.

I promise to be back tomorrow with 83% less lameness. 83% fewer lames.

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