Monday, September 14, 2009

School Days: Day 11 (Writing)

I'm participating in Travelin' Oma's School Days, a daily online free study course. Join me!

Oma's assignment today:

Written Work: List ten things that get in the way of your writing. Go back and write a sentence about how to deal with each issue. Now, use your ten sentences to write a mission statement called "I'm Going to Write, and Here's How."

Things keeping me from writing:

1. Fatigue
2. Kid interruptions
3. Fear of failure
4. Lack of skills
5. Lack of professional know-how
6. Lack of ideas
7. Lack of focus
8. Fear my voice/story isn't significant or unique enough
9. Feeling that it's already been done
10. Lack of referential references

I'm going to write. Here's how.

I will write when I am at my best and when an idea excites me. I will take time with my kids and I will try to plan writing time around their schedules. I will celebrate my failures as learning experiences. I will hone my craft beyond basic high school teacher English. I will stash things that interest me and inspire me. I will start to write down concrete book ideas. I will own my voice and accept its validity. I will write even if I think it's been done before. I will read and read and read.

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  1. I love the phrase "I will own my voice and accept it's validity." Why is that so hard? I want to do that, too. Thanks for stating it so clearly.