Saturday, September 12, 2009


The baby's down for the night, I just pulled a batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, the E man is playing an old Final Fantasy on the PS3, and the monkeys are currently upside down on the couch in the playroom.

Wait... the baby? Yeah, we're watching Ty, my one year old nephew for the night. He kind of reminds me of all the things I'm glad we don't have to worry about anymore like diapers, crying, choking hazards, crying and crying... and he is also so sweet and chubby that I want to squeeze him and then have fourteen more of my own. Too bad it all comes wrapped up together. Nature's paradox.

My walk this morning was pretty terrible, as I mentioned earlier. It would have been better if I hadn't made the decision to walk for 30 minutes in one direction so I could do 30 back. Normally I loop and I would have at least stopped off for a jacket. I was so cold. Anyway, I'm trying to get psyched up for tomorrow for my first 8 miler. That seems like a lot, even though seven didn't seem like much more than five. I'll be working from the same "run in one direction for four miles then follow the same path back" plan. Hope there aren't any showers in store. I better check.

Today on my walk I listened to a new podcast. I downloaded it as a backup in case I ran out of Adam Corrolla podcasts (which today, I did). It's called grammar girl and it's great. I had to smile to myself though at the aptness of the English teacher doing her big walk and learning about grammar today. NERD ALERT. I liked it, and it's another free podcast on iTunes. Good stuff.

Since this post is kind of a catch-all, some more random stuff for ya... I started reading The Lovely Bones the other day. Well, re-reading. I know I started listening to it or reading it or something a few years ago, but I never finished it. When I was at the movies a few weeks ago watching yet another movie based on a book I didn't finish, The Time Traveler's Wife, there was a preview for The Lovely Bones. I figured I better man up and finish one of these. Note about The Time Traveler's Wife--my complaint about it BOTH times I tried to read it was that there wasn't anything to connect all the dots together. It seemed like too much traveling without any rhyme or reason, and there seemed to be little importance for how and when. It was just enough of a connection to warrant explanation, which as far as I read, never came. From the movie I got the information I was desiring, but it didn't come until almost the final scene. Maybe I'll give the book another shot. I liked the movie, and that statement has absolutely nothing to do with the frequency of shots Eric Bana's hiney. *wink* But for now, TLB.

Yesterday brought some good news. E got an internship at a small firm in Lake Tahoe. It's unpaid, but we couldn't be happier. It's been tough for him since he took the Bar in July. First that was so stressful, then he's had a hard time finding an in-between job. He had his heart set on a non-legal career, and the door closed on that completely a few weeks ago. Now he's back to law and trying to find something about it that works for him. He needed this good news. I'm so happy for him, even if it's going to be quite a commute. He's going to be building experience and hopefully some strong references while he waits for his Bar results.

He and I went out last night to a little wing place right by our house. I've been eyeing it for a while because it looks busy--it has a little bar and an outside patio that have been pretty packed for a while--so last night we gave it a try. Um, YUM. Good stuff. We had a nice night out on the patio talking about the internship and just catching up. I love when we get the chance to have a nice, relaxed dinner like that. Always reminds me that he's my best friend and I'm so lucky to have him around. Always makes me thankful that we came to our senses and decided we couldn't not be together and we needed to work it out.

After dinner we got back on the bike--oh yeah, forgot to mention that we took the Harley--and just went for a little ride around town. The weather was perfect last night. I think it was in the high 80s and we had the best ride. E was being kind to me since I've been a little nervous about freeways since our ride in San Diego. We rode through town and down the frontage roads. I love riding in town at night. I always squint at the lights like it's Christmas and blur them all together. I love riding with E. I can tell he's so happy too--I think he craves time out on the bike the same way I crave a good run lately. I know it clears his head. It's just nice to be together.

We're coming up on my half marathon pretty quickly, here. Big day tomorrow. I'm going to try some PB&J's (rather than that disgusting Gu) and we shall see how it goes. I tried jelly beans this week and that wasn't bad--but I learned not to unzip the pouch while running, because they all bounced out. If you see some jelly beans on the sidewalk, they're totally not mine.

Another thing I need to add back in this week is the strength training and stretching. When I stopped running because of my ankle, I dropped that like a rock. I haven't exactly picked it back up again, either. My tummy is not looking so hot. I can tell I'd feel better--stronger--if I was doing all that again too. Making a commitment to do it this week.

Okay, Blog. That's plenty for tonight. Time to go sample a cookie and make sure I have clean socks for tomorrow.

Peace out.


  1. Thanks again for watching Ty tonight. It was nice to have some time with just the big boys. And I'm glad you could enjoy Ty despite his seperation anxiety! :-) Someday he's be begging me to go to your house and I'll remind him of this time!

  2. I love him SO MUCH! He is such a sweetie. I love his babbling. Any time. :)