Sunday, September 13, 2009

A quick recap of EIGHT

Quickie update on my (first) eight miler this morning:


I feel great! Probably one of the best runs I've had to date. OMG you guys, it was just... fun. :) I'm so happy right now. I was nervous to go that far (I always get butterflies when I hit a new milestone) but I have to say I felt better on my long run today than on any of the "short" ones this week. I think that comes from running today in 60 degree weather, as opposed to the 95 degree weather I got caught in twice this week.

Before I left, I ate an almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich with a big glass of water. I made sure I had time to digest, then hit the road. I brought another AB&J with me. I could tell from the time I left that I was just having "one of those days" (in a good way) and it was going to be a great one. It's really nice out right now, and it really felt like Fall. Not too many cars out when I started, which I like, because then I am not thinking I'm going to see someone driving by and yelling "PDAWG?!?!" out their window. Related note: the dancer in me can't stand to let any "audience" down. If I see cars when I'm taking a walk break, I feel like I'm violating some ballerina stage rule, like letting the audience hear you grunt when something is difficult. So fewer cars= less pressure.

Anyhoo, it was a good run. I ran past the junior high (my turning back point for a 4 miler) and the high school where I teach. I also ran through the park for a bit which was really pretty. Lots of other runners out this morning, too. It made me wish we lived closer to the park. Maybe I'll start driving over there to run. It's so beautiful. I ran through the park and just past the old Harley dealership, then headed back.

This is turning out to be not so short, isn't it? Anyway, I stopped in the park for a bathroom break and at the high school to refill my water bottles because I tried three water fountains in the park and they were all broken. I felt great all the way back, too. I ate a small piece of AB&J at about mile 5, but I wasn't really feeling like I needed a lot to keep going. Even with those breaks, I managed to keep an average pace of 11:31 per mile. For me, that's awesome. It's so funny how I always run with the GPS telling me my pace in my ear, and then when I decide to just turn it off and go, I'm faster on my own. Who cares. I'm so proud of me. RUNNER'S HIGH!

Okay, time to go hit the shower. I'm exhausted!


  1. Way to go! I can't believe you are running that far! You can always park at my house and run to the park if you want...

  2. I am so impressed that you ran eight miles!! Seriously, that is awesome. It is great to reconnect with you. I am so lame I hardly ever get on fb but I am going to try to do better. I am so glad you and Eric are still together.