Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oma’s School Days: Day 2

socaerial While I'm in the chair at the salon, I might as well do my Oma homework.

Today’s topic is travel. It hurt me a little to see that this morning since travel is essentially on hold until E gets a job and we get a little bit more stable. Travel is really something I’d like to devote time and money to once we can. I’ve seen so little of the world and I think it will make me a better teacher to get out there and explore it once it’s feasible.

The places I want to go fall into two categories: a) tropical or b) historical. #5 is just because I miss her.

Assignment: List ten places you'd like to go someday. Write a paragraph about your ideal type of trip. Prompt: "I don't like to ___when I'm on vacation. I go away so I can____."

Ooh, good one. Lots of places on my "to visit" list:

  1. French Polynesia
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. England/ Scotland/ Ireland
  5. Texas (hi Sarah!)
  6. New York (again)
  7. Washington, DC (again)
  8. Vancouver, BC (again)
  9. Greece
  10. Galt, CA. Just kidding, Galt! Nobody would want to go to you. I can’t think of a #10. ANYWHERE works.

Ooh, sentence frames. That’s what we call these in the biz…

I don’t like to think about home when I’m on a vacation. I go away so I can absorb, observe, and spend copious amounts of time with my face buried in a book. If I’m not eating or sleeping, I want to be staring at something beautiful or laying in the sun. I want to be there long enough that I don’t have to count down the hours until I make the return trip. I want to indulge in all the area has to offer; by this I mean I want to eat like it’s my job. A good vacation for me is one where there’s plenty of structured nap time, reading time, and time to explore. I’ll probably get cranky if I have to walk a lot. I want to sit and view nature and be alone with my thoughts, but I want to have a good companion to make it all seem real.


  1. Love your hair...I wish I has the guts to go that short! Maybe next winter. I love to travel and hope you guys get to go soon.

  2. I love the Travelin' Oma! Great post.
    #10 makes me laugh...you know you're from Elk Grove when you bag on Galt. Ha.

  3. Hi Heather!!! :-D You miss me???? Awww......well you'll see me pretty soon and then you won't be missing me anymore....maybe you'll be annoyed! LOL.....I was just tickled to see my name on your blog.....tickled! ;)

  4. Nice list! #10 took me by surprise...as in, "someone else knows where Galt is?!" I spent my early years in Lodi, Elk Grove and Davis. I miss the valley, but love my concrete jungle...for the time being.

  5. My #1 is New Zealand...the husband and I are planning on taking a vacation there as soon as we save up the moneys.