Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Let's play good news/bad news

Reminds me of this, a little:

Good news: E doesn't have pig flu.

Bad news: E has pneumonia.

Good news: My ankle X-ray was normal.

Bad news: My ankle still feels stiff.

Good news: E got a call to come in and interview for a legal internship.

Bad news: It's unpaid and 2 hours away.

Good news: Things are returning to normal around here.

Bad news: We've been pretty isolated from everyone for the last week.

Good news: I got that one strip sewn for my quilt this weekend and had fun.

Bad news: I haven't exactly sewn anything else and the class is Thursday.

Good news: I ran two miles today pain free.

Bad news: I then ran one miserable mile in the heat wherein I grew and popped a blister on the bottom of my right foot. Ouchie.

Good news: I am loving The Office (started watching it from the start about a week ago).

Bad news: I'm not so good at sharing the XBox.

Good news: I made some gluten-free chicken soup tonight for E.

Bad news: There is no bad news. That soup was awesome.

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  1. I have hit a rock (that's what she said) with the running thing...and I am not even hurt! I ran a measly two miles tonight, after barely squeaking out 3 (running one mile and walking/running the other two)! What is up with that? Any thoughts. Glad E doesn't have swine flue...too bad about the legal internship being 2 hours away...is there nothing closer?