Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Word barf

I have decided that I am a word bulimic. Hear me out. This is not to denounce the seriousness that is real bulimia, but all day long I binge on life experiences, I feel like I gorge myself on more life than any one person can handle, only to feel a strong compulsion to come home and purge all my feelings. Blogetty blog blog.

Holy poop, that's an awful metaphor. My apologies. I've been playing touchy-feely activities with other teachers today, so I may not be in full control of my mental faculties. The point is, all day long I do stuff and I can't wait to get home and get it out. It's a good thing that I have this here blog-o-rama, because E can only take so much of the nonstop narrative that is PDawg after a day at work.

Lemme break it down. *wiki, wiki, wiki...* Yo VIP, let's kick it.

Okay, I'll stop. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyie.

5:30 AM: Alarm sounds, is immediately turned off with absolutely no flourish or fuss.

5:40 AM: Alarm sounds again, I decide I won't be able to stand myself on the run without a good tooth-brushing and deodorant-ing. Check and check. I can't find socks, which around here is just called "normal" so I go rooting through the bane to my existence that is the "sock basket" in the laundry room. Ugh. I grab a water bottle.

6:00 AM: I stand in my front yard and wait for the satellite to find my iPhone. I ain't runnin' unless that thing is trackin', you dig? As I wait patiently, I wonder how it took me 20 minutes to go from waking to lawn-standing. I lose time in the morning a lot. The same 20 minutes, when taken from 6th period, could seem three times longer. But I digress...

6:00-6:52 AM: Four mile run. Yeah, I know that any self-respecting runner wouldn't post that crap time on her blog, but when did I ever claim to be self-respecting? That is quite possibly the worst time I've ever had on a run. Yikes. I mean, yikes. But I did it, which was my only goal for the morning. I've never gone on a run before work before. I was glad all day that it was out of the way.

I did have some problems with that left shin that's been hurting since I had bad shoes. I think my shoe wasn't tied tight enough, but that was the reason for all the intermittent walking. It hurt like a mutha. I tightened the laces about 2/3 of the way through the run, but I think the damage was done--it's still really sore.

8:00 AM: I leave the house for the 8:00 breakfast at school. Whoops. I sort of knew it was going to happen. I wasn't going to go to school with wet hair on the first day. I'll save that for about two weeks in. I called it. At school was a lovely breakfast, all the people I haven't seen all summer, and a one hour "meeting."

8:30 AM: Our "meeting" wasn't a meeting, but that touchy-feely stuff I was talking about before. It wasn't so bad, but looking around the room I could tell that some people were so uncomfortable. That was kind of entertaining. More obvious to me were the people that just opted not to come to that part. Nice.

10:30 AM: I ditch out on the second part of Touchy Feely 2009 to go do some work in my classroom. If it makes anything better, I have a lot of guilt about it. I just needed time to get things on the walls. I did, and it felt much better. It never feels like my classroom until I get things up.

That brings me to this:

Recognize it? It's Munch's The Scream. I got it from my friend and former teacher, P. I wanted it because it reminded me of 10th grade. My teacher then, KM, used to see The Scream everywhere. You can read my post about both of these ladies here. It's nice to have a reminder of them in my classroom, even if it's a silly laminated poster.

I suppose the rest of the day at school I can just do on Fast Forward. It's not that interesting. Turning in EIGHT KEYS because I don't need to be the dance teacher with TEN POUNDS of key anymore--lunch with the Bestie and Val and assorted lovely office ladies--more classroom work--planning with C for AP English--work on the computer to get things ready to copy--emailing the whole staff to give away my stash of (now unnecessary) Swiffers. See? I am so freaking exciting.

4:30 PM: I left school after a search of the glove box that did not yield a bluetooth device. Poop.

5:00 PM: I began roasting a pork loin. It smells good, but it's not done yet. It's taking a long time. Did I mention that it smells good? Oh, and call me Quinoa-obsessed, but I threw some in the rice cooker tonight to see what happens...

oh yes...because I'm that kind of rebel.

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