Friday, August 07, 2009

Reno: Where the Weak Are Killed and Eaten

Reno: Home of Hot August Nights Butt-cold August Days

That's right, I said "butt cold." I don't even think that's a thing, but mine sure was in the sleeping bag last night. Brr! I'm sorry I've been missing all week--my mom has me completely freaked out about posting or tweeting anything about going out of town, so I didn't want to make a "Yay Reno/seeya later blog friends" post before I left because once again, I was scared someone might break into my house and steal my bags and bags of yarn, or take my old-ass cat who is currently making herself cozy in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Here I am.

Reno was actually really fun, even though it was none of the things that I thought it would be. First of all, 90% of the event takes place during the day. The other 10%, the cruising which practically nobody went to, since it was three degrees colder than Antarctica.

But anyhoo... E and his dad are really into old cars (E has had a 54 Ford Customline since high school, and his dad has a 56 Chevy) so they've been talking about going to "Hot August Nights" in Reno for a long time. Casinos, car shows, music... you get it. Have you been to Reno? It's usually hot and sweaty. And windy. Well, at least it was windy. Like I said, I froze my tookus (sp?) off. E and I were tent camping in an RV park near his parents' camper.

I use the word "camping" loosely. This wasn't a campground so much as it was an RV park. And by RV park, I basically mean fancy parking lot. Little driveways all lined up like a mobile version of Pleasantville, each with its own 3 X 6 plot of shiny sod and a cement picnic table. Upon an especially medium-sized piece of grass, the management instructed us to pitch our tent. It was a bummer that they didn't let us set up camp by his folks, but we were a short walk away.

It didn't really look like the place they asked us to put our tent was really a camping space (and it bordered on the dog-poo park), but we went to work anyway. We also had to stay on one side because there was another tent camper coming in to share the space that night. This was perfect, since our space was so sprawling and luscious. Oh wait. Not really. It looked like it was meant for maybe one tent, not two. By the second night, there was a third tent in that area. Heaven help us. Nothing like two pairs of chain-smokin' old people wakin' up at 6:00 AM to chat about the weather to make your day.

E and I unrolled the behemoth hand-me-down tent from my grandpa, and put the stakes into the ground. Check. Then came the poles. There were no poles. Yep, pretty sure we left the poles at home in the attic. Giant tent, no way to make it go up. No check.

Time for a trip to--you guessed it--Wal Mart. $30 later we had ourselves a new tent, complete with poles. It's not bad. I like it.

Home sweet brand new home. It was waterproof, at least.

Just big enough to fit us, the monkeys, and all our stuff. The first night we played Rummy with E's folks until about ten, then went to bed. Apparently everyone in an RV park stays inside all day and then goes to bed at about 7:30 PM. Hank was out before his head hit the pillow. E and I went to sleep pretty fast, but our heads were down lower than our feet, so there was a lot of sliding into the tent wall. It was frrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ee-eee-eeee-zing. E will probably say it was just "a little cold," but I speak the truth. Swear.

So the next day, it was finally time for cars. We went over to downtown Reno and walked the streets, where I fell hopelessly in love...

Hello, 69 Camaro OF MY DREAMS

Showing the boy the important parts of a car. Why the underside of your car needs to be awesome escapes me, but you know how it is for guys.

E took a puzillion pictures of engines. Yeah, I'm so excited too.

Lots more of this, and the weather went from windy and cold to torrential and Arctic. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But it was hard to concentrate with the dark clouds looming. It was a bit like "Night on Bald Mountain" in Fantasia. Eh, or maybe that's hyperbole again.

Ad couldn't help herself--she was dancing in the streets. I tried to catch her on tape, but I only caught a little of it before she noticed me. Just a little swayin' to the tunes.

We finally decided we couldn't take the cold anymore and we needed some eats. E and his dad continued on all afternoon looking at cars. Mimi and I took the kids back to the camper and settled in.

E and I headed over to the Silver Legacy Casino after the kids were snug in bed in Mimi's camper, and proceeded to hand them all our money over the course of two hours. Crap. That was supposed to be fun? The closest I came to feeling any kind of glee was one spin of the roulette wheel that landed squarely at 31 (which is green and white in my head, if you're wondering), where my little purple chip was resting. Unfortunately, it was just a pity win because I surrendered it all back to them in due time.

These are some camper pics from this morning. We spent a lot of time inside because it was just too cold. :(

T Rex arms! Rawr.

That's about it as far as the recap goes. We came back home today, stopping in Truckee to have lunch with my aunt and uncle. I'm tired in that way that you're tired after a vacation for no good reason at all. This week was pretty fun, and it really made me want to take the tent out for a spin in some REAL nature--you know, the kind without parking spaces or sod. This time I'll be prepared with a beanie and a snow parka.

(I sure love being able to go on vacation as A FAMILY!)


  1. Yay! You are back online! Glad you had cold fun in Reno

  2. Hi. I have a blog at where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

    Thanks for considering this,

    Jean B. in SC