Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Remember how I used to write about running?

Two weeks passed since my last run. Shameful! After Yosemite, I was so sick that there was just no way, and then last week's hijinks trashed my plans to hop back on the bandwagon. Last night it was time. Short run time. Four miles. Wait, was that a mistake? Nope. My short run is now four miles long. That Half Marathon is looming in early October. Kill me now.

Naw, I'm kidding. It wasn't bad at all. I had a great time. I can't believe that I can run for four miles now. In March, I couldn't run a half mile. It was beautiful out, the air was still, and I came in at just about 11:40 average pace per mile. For me, that's great. For not running for two weeks? Phenomenal. Actually, I didn't care how fast it was, I just needed to hit the pavement and get back to my routine.

I've missed it. I got all nervous before I left but once I was out there, it was so nice and familiar. I really like the time by myself. I can't imagine running with someone else. Fortunately, I'm still so slow that everyone I know is too fast a runner to pair with. I felt good after I was done, and now I know that it will be easier to keep it up for the rest of this week. I didn't notice too much of a difference, having taken the two weeks off--my breathing was more difficult, and mentally it was a challenge--but my body remembered what to do.

Related update: I'm losing weight slowly but surely. Emphasis on slowly. Here's the breakdown:
Mid-June: 159 lbs, lots of crying

July 3: 157 lbs, still crying, frustrated because clothes don't fit and I'm still holding weight even though I'm running regularly

Today: 151 lbs, a teensy bit more peace about where I am and where I'm headed
It's nice that I'm down 8 pounds, but what kills me is that I'm still not down to my pre-running weight (150) which was what aggravated me and started me thinking that I needed to do some physical activity to begin with (so I could LOSE some weight). Then I started running, and I started gaining. I watched what I was eating, and I kept gaining. It's evened out now though. It has to be good news. I still need to get in to my doc to have my body fat tested. I am PRAYING that it is down. That will be the real test of how healthy this whole running thing has been for me.

I've still been eating well. I didn't track my calories when I was in Yosemite because I wanted to relax and enjoy myself, but I am sure that I stayed relatively around the same as I had been at home. The week I was sick was also the week we were out of groceries, and then the week after that when E took the Bar Exam, I just shoved whatever was closest into my mouth. BUT--I know this may seem like small potatoes, but I think I have been making smarter choices. Even when I was shoving, I don't think I was shoving things like cookies or crackers... better choices. If I had to be at Taco Bell *wink* then I could be eating a fresco taco. Lots of hummus and carrots is way better than lots of BBQ chips. So this week I've returned to being really healthy and being really careful. Our fridge is stocked.

We shall see how it goes. I'm optimistic.


  1. Good luck with it all. You are certainly doing better than me!

  2. I bet you're just gaining muscle - which is way heavier than fat. Good for you for getting out there! Another though...have you had your thyroid tested??