Monday, August 17, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

I can tell that teaching Freshmen is going to mean I have some good stories.

I already tweeted this, but it’s too good to pass up. Today was day one for Freshman-English teaching me, and while I found them to be squirrely, they were quite agreeable. I was taken aback a bit by how small Freshmen are. They seemed very unsure and scared. I say this, of course, excepting the kid for whom every comment was a thinly veiled reference to marijuana. We get it dude, you’re SUPER into weed. You’re 13. Nobody thinks this is awesome but you. Way to come out strong there, Weed Guy .

So here’s the story: I came in this morning to find a marching black column of ants descending from the crack in the ceiling like Medusa’s nasty black tendril, curling itself up and onto my desk. Yerrrck. I borrowed some Windex from K to stem the tide, but it was like trying to fight a forest fire with a leaky garden hose. Basically as soon as the Windex dried, the ants came back. All day I was religiously reminding kids not to leave food or food trash in the room.

When it came time to tell one of my Freshman classes, I said “hey, you guys… please remember if you do eat, that you need to pick up your food trash and any food you drop. I’m going to be kind of a Nazi this year about making you keep this room clean because of the ants.”

I heard a gasp and saw one little lovely make eye contact with the gentleman to her right. “Did you hear that?” she queried, assuming that the fact that I was three feet away and over the age of 15 meant I was deaf to her outburst. “She said ‘Nazi’! That’s so RACIST.”

Yes it is, Princess. I’m totally racist for Nazis. You caught me.


I had a great first day. I really enjoyed teaching and the time went flying by. Before I knew it I was on the road to pick up Miss Roo. I can’t tell you how happy it made my heart to be waiting for Ad when she finished her first day of second grade. Of course all she could remember to tell me was that “it was fine” and it was “longer than first grade” and “the last recess was too hot” but I’m guessing that overall it was a success.

I couldn’t be there to drop her off since we started school on the same day but E took some pics for me. Sorry to go all parental cliché on you for like the fifteenth time, but doesn’t she look so big? *sigh*


Obligatory lunchbox/backpack pic


Lining up, waiting for her teacher


Catching up on all the gossip she missed this summer


Someone was J-E-A-L-O-U-S


New desk, new folder… all set!


Tomorrow morning is another 5:00 AM run! I’m getting psyched up already, although I do have a little thorn in my side because I can’t find my iPhone armband. Oh noes! I hate when I lose things. Hopefully it will turn up before tomorrow. Even if I’m not listening to my music, I like to have my phone with me just in case. 4.5 miles tomorrow. Sheesh. I can’t believe I can run that far now. It’s still not reality to me.

That’s it for tonight. Be sure to enter my giveaway which has (at this moment) only 5 comments. Your chances of winning are pretty good. 200 free custom printed postcards. You can make them look like anything you want. Just sayin’. Hop on over to the post and comment before 11:00 PM PST tomorrow night.

Okay, bye for real. Love ya. Mean it.



  1. Ok, that freshman story literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! way too funny! almost wish she could read your blog so she could see what a dork she is.

    and i can't believe how big Addie is. i feel like an old fart!

  2. Man, how did Addie get so old? So totally adorable too! Love the one where she's chatting w/her friend. Can see her in HS already! Glad it was a good day. :)

  3. haha oh kids!
    so glad your first day went well!

    i'm doing the multiple subject program. but hoping to teach upper elementary (4th and 5th) mostly. maybe one day high school!

  4. That story is hilarious! Good luck tomorrow!

    Also, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am in desperate need of new inspiration (in all areas of life, not just the blog) so your comment really made my day! Your running schedule and dedication to your family has been really refreshing to read about and makes me realize that I need to change some things and get back to the basics!
    Anyway, sorry for writing so much. Thanks again :) xoxo