Sunday, August 09, 2009

O Camelbak, my Camelbak

O Camelbak.

Sapper of energy, pain in my back. Chafer of neck tissue. Annoyance of annoyances.

Here's a tip, kids: Don't run with a Camelbak. Oh sure, she may look pretty. She may be great for a bike or a hike. She may whisper her Siren song into your ear and make false promises that use the word hydration. She may be your best friend in Yosemite, and the accessory of every German who blasts past you on the trail with three kids strapped to his back and a love of knee socks. But she's no friend of the runner. Nope.

My plan for the day was to run 6 miles for the first time. I was nervous, but I was mentally prepared for the challenge.

I could tell the MINUTE I left that it wasn't going to be a good run. The pack on my back was making me arch in a funny way, which meant low back pain. FAIL. It sloshed and jumped and jostled. Comfy? Not so much. I started to over-concentrate on my breathing, and I couldn't find a rhythm that wasn't too fast or slow. It started to feel like PE running again. That's when I knew it was not happenin'. Ugh.

When I started to feel the beginnings of a chafe happening at my neck, I just pulled out the earbuds and walked home. I was so annoyed. I only made it about 2 miles total. So frustrating! I think I might try again tonight to finish up--not sure if that's cheating on my mileage, but I guess it would be better to split it than to not do it at all.

I need to find a water solution that still allows me to zone out the way I can when I'm not carrying anything. So far it hasn't happened. Grr. I can't be thinking about the mechanics of all the gear while I run--it just drives me nuts and makes the run seem three times longer than it is.

A few other running related Wahoos:

I registered for the Half Marathon today... My first one! I'm official. It's the Sacramento Cow Town Half in October. Dude. A real race. They have live bands along the course and the medal is a cowbell. :) Now if I can just get over my total noob nervousness about the whole thing. I'm excited though.

I finally reorganized my running schedule to make it more like what it was originally on the Hal Higdon website. I'm hoping that since next week I go back to work (boo) I can begin to see what time of day will work best for running (yay). The concern is that I want to maintain the love factor for running--I don't want to ruin it by making running something I have to do at oh-early-30 or something that takes me away from my nights with E and the kids. I'll have to work it out.

For now I'm going to go research hydration options. I have been talking about the waist packs like this one and this one for so long... I am worried a little about the same bouncy-flouncy issue. Anybody use a handheld? Something else really cool that I don't know about? What works for you?



    I ran a little on Saturday and saw a woman running with something like this. It wasn't jumping around at all so you should try something like this and see if it works out. I usually run with a small water bottle but it is annoying to hold it

  2. I can't figure out how to run with water either..holding it breaks my concentration, and strapping it to my pants makes them fall down..So I'm hoping you think of something brilliant to solve this problem.

  3. Thanks Kayda--yeah, that's what I've been looking for. It's just too annoying to hold it on a run longer than 3 or 4 miles for me. I will definitely check it out. :)

  4. Update: today I carried a water bottle, and then I just stashed it in the bushes about a third of the way through my run. I guess there's always that option. (Don't worry, I picked it up on the way home.) :)