Monday, August 10, 2009

Not excited anymore

Well, awesome. I love school. I love how every single thing has to be a chore, rather than simple or easy. I love how much effort it all requires.

I got there this morning, got my keys, and found a classroom with absolutely none of my stuff that was supposed to be moved back in early July. Super dee duper. Today I spent the day moving, scrambling, and generally freaking out and being pissed about the fact that I wasn't going to set up my fracking classroom today, I was going to move it.

It didn't make anything better that every student I saw said "hey PDawg, did you hear what they did to the dance program?" *heavy sigh*

Did I get my classroom moved? Sure, after some uncomfortable pleading (of which, I am also not a fan) and a lot of sweat and grime. It got done. Everything has a place, but I didn't get to do any any of the little detail work that was my mission for the day. No bulletin boards, no copies made, no organizational things. Just unpack boxes, shove things in desk. I'm irked.

I barely got things arranged and then it was 2:00. It takes me a long time to figure out how the room should go, where things should be, etc. It can affect the year quite a bit. I was really hoping to have more time for thoughtfulness and less time for angry box-moving while saying bad words under my breath. Oh, and I dropped a stapler on my foot. And then a power strip.

Tomorrow we start the pre-service week that I mentioned yesterday--the one that sucks life from teachers like a specially made Hoover. There won't be much time to get anything done, and when there is time, I'll be bleary eyed and cranky because I've been in meetings all day, listening to people read their power points.

This year, like every other year, I want to start off right. I want to be prepared and rested, not scrambling and exhausted. I need to recharge tonight so I'm ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow will mean some staff bonding, and I'm going to have to be nice to people, in addition to thinking about my ten foot to-do list.

On a lighter note, I left work this afternoon to see Julie&Julia. I haven't read a lot of reviews, but most of them said that while Meryl Streep was amazing, the rest of the movie wasn't that great. I beg to differ. I loved it. Ms. Streep was amazing, as usual, but I identified with so much of the blogger storyline of the 30-year-old aspiring writer, Julie. Wonder why. It was nice to enjoy a movie from start to finish, and it satisfactorily took lifted me out of my bummed out, panties-in-a-bunch mood.


  1. I hope you enjoy Julie and Julia, looks like such a wonderful film. Sorry you lost your keys, that is no fun! Thanks for entering the giveaway, good luck and enjoy your week!

  2. Hi Heather
    Glad to hear your day ended well after unwanted irritations. Sounds like everyday at my work.. haha but without the ending well. I will have to wait a while for the movie to come out here but am looking forward to it, so good to know you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for popping over my way and the lovely comments re Jennifer's art. Hope you come back for the giveaway. It's sort of fun playing santa claus. Julie

  3. I loved the movie too! I mean, it didn't change my life but I related with Julie too (go figure) and thought it was HILARIOUS. Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing, too. Good luck with the start of schooooooool!

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, such a funny, sweet movie. Thanks for all the good wishes. :)