Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nice walk

Tomorrow I attempt to run seven miles for the first time. Seven miles at the same time. Sheesh. I'm sitting down right now to map my route. I'm really hoping E will come with me for at least part of it, but that's going to mean getting a babysitter. We'll see. E's always all talk about running and then he doesn't really want to go. It would be nice to spend the time with him.

Speaking of E, things are better. We had a good talk this morning and I managed to do a better job of communicating what I'm feeling. We spent a lazy day around the house and tonight I went for a big long walk just before dusk. I think this helped immensely in the me not feeling upset anymore department. I love a good walk to clear my head.

I ended up talking to my dad on the phone for about the first 20 minutes, and the rest of the time I did what I always do when I walk, I listened to the Adam Corolla podcast and laughed out loud. I saw a few more animals tonight too... down by the lake I saw a bunny family and ducks galore. I didn't really get any good pictures, but I got some pictures. :)

E's putting the kids in bed--Henry has sufficiently kicked all our butts at Mario Kart Wii. Now I'm going to re-watch Californication with E... just started with Episode 1, Season 1 again. I love Hank Moody. As E just said, he's so "deliciously inappropriate." Plus, he'll always be Mulder to me.


  1. Feeeeee furrrrrr feee furrr....remember that???!!!!

    Anyway, I cannot tell you enough that your running stories are inspiring me enough to consider running.....however, I must make a slight note about how friggin' hot it is here!!! Really funny thing too...on our local weather they were telling us to look for a "cold front" which in Texan means slightly below 100 degrees....cold front my aunt fanny! It's gonna be 96 as a high?????!!!! Cold front???? OMGLJ (oh my good Lord Jesus) Well, when the weather dips below 90 you might start seeing some "Run, Sarah, Run" blogs....for now, I'm going to be trying yoga for stress relief, etc. TTYL and see ya in a month or so...we need to hang out!

  2. @Sarah I love fee-fur... I still sing that to E! About a year ago I got on an XFiles thing again and I watched them all in order from the beginning again. I totally forgot how most of them went, so I was still scared out of my pants all the time and I still had to watch them with the windows covered and all the lights on, just like in high school.

    Yoga is awesome. I just don't have the patience. I get so bored just stretching. I need something more. I really didn't like to run before, I just took it so slow and I tried to make it something that was for me. Now it's just great. Thanks for the compliment. I would love to read about your running/yogaing/balleting adventures. Keep blogging, lady.

    We are definitely hanging out and having that sangria/margarita/glass of wine/etc when you are here. Or 4.