Thursday, August 27, 2009

My desk

This post is inspired by April, who asked people yesterday to post pictures of their desks in her post about organization. I took the opportunity at lunch today to snap some bomb iPhone pics. I then used my similarly bomb Paint skills to add some pink boxes so I could tell you about all the lovely details that complete my desk area.

From left to right:

Bulletin board by my desk
1) Leftover strip of border that the last teacher left in my room and I was too lazy to take down.
2) Drill Team competition photo, circa Jan. 2005. Or was it 2004? Or 2003? Who could remember.
3) Spray painted pointe shoes from my last year as Drill Team coach when I danced in the blacklight rally with the girls. I did two routines: a ballet dance and one where I did "the worm" in orange pants.
4) Drill Team and Dance Company pictures from many years of Disneyland.
5) Partington Cove, Big Sur
6) Me and Lis
7) Mom and Dad
8) Sumo wrestler ballerina guy--a pic I clipped from a magazine ad in high school. I still love it.
9) E and baby Henry... awww...
10) More Lis.
11) Money tree from Mom
12) Hanko in last year's Halloween costume

Computer area
1) "You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself." ~Galileo
2) New York City Ballet poster
3) "Don't make me use my teacher voice" sign from Mimi
4) April's blog
5) Speakers, hooked up to #6
6) iPhone dock
7) Diet Dr. P. It really does taste like regular Dr. P
8) Paper holder--holds copy slips, post its, cell phone confiscation slips, envelopes, 3X5 cards
9) Hand sanitizer just for me. The kids get a different one so I don't get their germs.
10) TLC Peanut Peanut Butter bar that Henry opened and then didn't want, so I saved it in a bag.
11) Noisy keyboard.

Desk top
2) Bookshelf with no shelves because they lost the pegs when they moved it in here.
3) Broken lamp. I have to turn the light bulb if I want to turn it on. No switch.
4) In basket
5) Lesson plan basket
6) School forms basket
7) Cinnamon gingerbread candle
8) Keys
9) Mary Poppins mug from Disneyland school trip last year... has about half a cup of Chamomile tea left in it from this morning.
10) Vanilla candle
11) Plate from lunch... all I ate was a cracker, but I didn't want it to touch my desk.
12) Mouse

TA Desk
1) Georgia O'Keefe prints from an art book I cut apart.
2) Kleenex stash. This will probably only last three months.
3) Peer-edit instructions for autobiographical essay, Freshman class.
4) Chair covered with T shirt from the class of 2006 AP English 12 class.
5) Yosemite poster
6) Orange TA chair
7) Sample "anchor" papers for AP English 12 prose essay
8) The best stapler ever invented
9) TA work bin
10) TA work bin was actually taken from the now defunct Business Department
11) Lesson plan book/ calendar

What does your desk look like?


  1. Very nice- very organized. My sister has you for AP! 3 months on the Kleenex- those are some high expectations:)

  2. @Sarah She was so funny, she waited like three days and she was like "do you remember me?" I was dying. Um, yeah. KINDA. I was trying not to embarrass her though because I didn't know if she wanted everyone to know I knew her when she was four. So funny.

  3. You only ate a cracker for lunch? How can you do that!

  4. What room are you in now?? It doesn't look like the portables anymore! Yay for that!!
    And... you have a new monitor. the computers at my work at the elementary school are ancient. But the real question is... do you have a new computer to go along with the semi-new montior.
    love yours truly,
    Stacey G.

  5. @Kayda I was supposed to meet someone for lunch, but I messed it up. I didn't have any food, and my ankle hurt too bad to leave. I figured I'd just wait until I got home because I had lots of snacks.

    @Stacey Different portables. The one I was in before is totally gone now. The computers got refreshed a few years ago, but before that we had ancient ones... it takes a long time for them to get redone in a district this big. Pretty new, yeah.

  6. Dude your white board has a ton of stuff on it! No wonder you always get ink on your hands. Love it...