Monday, August 17, 2009

A little of this, a little of that...

Time for some updates. Lots of things going on chez moi, so here's a walk through most of it.

For starters, today is my first day of school. As this posts, I'm about to stare down two classes of Senior AP English students and three classes of Freshmen. I'll let you know how that turned out.

Yesterday our family day turned into a bit of a "getting things done" day. We had breakfast at a local cafe (used to be Mel's until they decided not to be a part of the franchise and to call themselves Mike's) where I ran into the parents of a friend from high school. I ate approximately 400 pounds of french toast. I love french toast like a fat kid loves cake. The problem is that since I've been eating smaller meals and healthier things, I want the toast, but I can't handle the toast. I can't really handle much of anything in mass quantities lately. I don't like my stomach feeling stuffed, and it used to not bother me. I'm thinking this is a good thing--an adjustment of perspective. Now for the shift in number visible when I step on the scale. PLEASE?

After breakfast, we took the monkeys for first day of school haircuts. Ad said she wanted short "hair like Tata" (my sister, Lis) so she got a little shoulder-length A-line bob. Cutie patootie. Bud got his hair cleaned up too, and we hit the shoe store and Target. This afternoon we had a first birthday party for my nephew, Ty.

At 5:45, I decided to go for a run. Today is a 5K on my running schedule--a break from the long run to time myself and see how I can do. Well since I'm cheap and there wasn't any 5K I felt like running with anyone else around, I just mapped one out and hit the road. Maybe because I've been running at 5:00 AM when it's dark, at no point did it occur to me to check the weather before I left. Let me just explain to you how cool and breezy, how tranquil and refreshing it felt out on the road today.


I think this goes down as my worst run, ever. No exaggeration. I still had french toast glubbing up my gut, and on top of it was half a gallon of salsa I'd consumed at Ty's party. Digestively, I've had better times. Temperature aside, it was uncomfortable. The burning heat of a thousand fiery suns was just a cruel insult to an already gluttonous injury.

I trudged through it and made it back home, but I full on walked for the last half mile. Every time I'd try to break into a jog--not a run, but a sad trot--I'd make it all of half a block before I'd find myself wanting to cry and walk again. I rehearsed lines in my head that I would write in my blog about how it wasn't fair since it was so hot, and how running with all that food in my gut was just a big mistake that set me up for failure. I love my new fuel belt, but even that was cutting into my Jell-o jiggle of a stomach and I finally had to unstrap it and sling it over my shoulder. I'd already gulped down all the water a quarter mile back.

The verdict? I checked the timer, and my 5K came in at 37 minutes. Somehow on God's green earth, I managed to keep the exact same pace I have every run, even though I felt like crap on a cracker. I'm shaking my head about it still. I've got no idea. I think the timer inside me is stuck on 12:00 minutes per mile and there's nothing I can do to change it. Doesn't matter if I feel like I'm running through the wind like a boat through water or if I feel like some kind of sad Wile E Coyote character, chasing after something that I'll never catch. It's still 12:00. There's something to be said for consistency, right?

As I ALWAYS am the first day of school, today I'm nervous, tired, and worn-out. Pre-service week took the life out of me just like I said it would, and while I still want it to go well, I'm feeling pretty beat down. Hopefully I have some good classes this year. I feel good about it, and I'm going to try to make it a great year for them, and hopefully for me.

Miss Roo starts second grade today! I'll be sure to post some pics tonight. I'll be picking her up from school for the first time like other moms. I can't wait. Love my new schedule.

Happy Monday!


  1. Love this post...I had to run a mile this morning for our moms & babies fitness class and was to that point where you just want to quit or walk or puke and I thought, "Heather couldn't run a half mile and now she's running six." I walked a little, but didn't quit or puke! Considering it was the first time I'd ran a mile since EGHS PE torture I was proud!

  2. Good for you! I'm proud of you. That's the only way to do it--a little at a time and pretty soon you've gone farther than you ever thought you could. :)