Monday, August 24, 2009

I love this man!

I came home tonight to this...

(Handy E, fixing our baseboards 4 years after he took them off to paint them.)

and this...

(a clean-scrubbed kitchen counter)

and something which had not previously been there before... THIS:

(yes, it's a pantry, but wait for it...)

it turns into this...

(sliding shelves? are you kidding me? I can actually get to the back?)

it now does this...

(ta da!)


All my appliances, all where I can reach them!

I decided it was snack time... time for a Laughing Cow/Wasa combo... my new fave. Yum. I am so hungry today after yesterday's 7 mile run.

I even took this super awesome beauty shot of myself eating my snack. E said it was gross because I had food on my face, so of course I had to put it up. That was a challenge. Could I look like a bigger goob? Yay for cheese.


Guess what came in the mail? Part I of The Thorn Birds. Good afternoon!

One more thing... today in my Freshman class, this kid was showing a picture of his wiener dog for this project we're doing. He said "this is my wiener dog, ______, and I really love him, but he leaves me a present on the floor every day when I get home from school..."

Freshman #2 goes "REALLY?" (all excited) "What is it? A present?!?!?!"


  1. Moving pantry shelves! Go E! What a handy hubby. I can SO tell you've got little kids based on the food in your pantry. The dry food in Tupperware is a dead giveaway.

    PS. I LOVE COW CHEESE! Obsessed with cow cheese. My Oma used to put out cow cheese and crackers at night. I ate so much cow cheese in high school my friends just called me Cheeze. (Yes, with a Z.)

  2. Wow! That looks awesome! (The cheese and the pantry)

    I love organizing things. I just hate cleaning. =]

  3. Big points for E! Way to go. :) Love the student story... ask Brian about his electoral college story tomorrow - it's a good one!

  4. Oh my gosh..freshman story. Hilarious!

    And i love cheese too. Chee-ee-eese.

    And, awesome husband. Did he do that while you were on your run or at school? Either way...its awesome.

  5. @Heidi The stuff in tupperware is all me! Healthy food lasts forever around here because I'm the only one that eats it. It has to stay fresh! I totally need some of those cereal keepers to be a real badass mom.

    @Siera I love cheese and organizing too. The first thing more, though. Even better than organizing? Coming home to find someone else has done it for you. The greatest gifts for me are gifts of more free time.

    @ML Haha... I love his story. I am going to try hard to write them all down this year. They're too good to waste.

    @Netty Thanks dude. Cheese rocks my socks--the person and the food. He did all that while I was at school. I've mostly been running in the AM lately. You and Val need to call me. :) Or come see me. Or something.