Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hey P, maybe you should see what's been sitting on your memory card.

Some randoms that have been on my camera. I've been pretty lax about getting them up. Enjoy.

Gram and Gpa's for Lunch

The "Nap Blankie"

Lunch in the Grape Arbor

Checking out Grandpa's "trained" wildlife

Sitting on the turl

Tahoe 4th of July

Heavenly shopping center after we went to see Ice Age 3.

I didn't notice that he did that until I uploaded the pics. What a turd.

The One Pic I Got In Yosemite Before My Camera Died


Last Soccer Games

Lis, who should GET A BLOG so I can see more pics of my nephews. :)

Seriously, how cute is this GOALIE? Maybe I'm a bit biased.

Happy Sunday!

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