Sunday, August 30, 2009

Entertaining myself like this:

I'm writing this Saturday night, while E's out again. Don't worry. I'm not going all batshiat crazy like last week. It's all good. He's at his bud Trent's house watching the fights and I've come to my senses. At least about this, thanks to a nice talk with E, a great week, and some supportive and caring email from people who know a whole lot more than I do about life.

Basically I'm entertaining myself and sitting around oozing awesomeness from my pores. I got that pedicure today, and I hit up Winco* with the Meemster, who gave us a surprise visit. I'm sooooo tired. No running yet. I'm thinking I'm going to try tomorrow. We'll see. Ikea is still on the agenda.

*Trying SO hard to save money lately. I'm really starting to get the Crazies about the fact that E has a B.A. and a J.D. and he CAN'T FIND A FLIPPING JOB. Stress. But I don't want to talk about that tonight. Soon.

Sometimes, like tonight, I really like being home by myself. The kids are in bed, I fed all the animals, and I'm just clearing out the ol' TiVo.

Pedicured toes. Sorry if you hate feet. I was happy about my black toenails.

Did I ever tell you that in high school, I bought a pair of black boots to wear with jeans and sweaters? And that my mom made me return them because "only gang members wear black boots?" I love my mom. :)

I started the evening off by removing the blue fingernail polish and giving the whole zebra nail thing another try. I didn't want to pay for a mani and a pedi, so I painted the nails myself. I think I did well. This hand is slightly better than my right hand, but I think since zebra print is irregular in nature, it's okay that it's irregular on my nails too.

I'm just wrapping up an episode of my TV boyfriend's show, Law and Order SVU. Detective Stabler, don't ever leave TV. Ever. I have a full fridge, we had froyo with ML/B tonight, my cat is purring on my shins. All is well in the world.

I made a hair appointment for Tuesday to get my roots fixed. I thought I'd show you tonight just how awful it is. I was waiting for payday. Payday is here, and I'm tired of looking like the bride of Cletus. I haven't had my hair done since mid-June. Wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't gone blonde. SO impatient for this appointment.

Anyway, the roots. It was hard to get a good pic with the iPhone.

I've been wearing it back, and curly, because I feel like this doesn't look as bad as straight and parted. Oh, and did I mention that I watched too many Youtube hair how-to videos a few weeks ago and I chopped my bangs? It was the night before school started. I don't know what came over me. Yeah, not a good idea, Curly-haired P. Not exactly pretty, either. Another reason to pin back my hair. Thank Jesus that hair grows. (It's not that bad, but let's just say it's not that good either.)

This is not my best angle. Ignore the shiny head. I look so freaking cheerful! It's late. It's been hot. E's gone. Why waste powder or smiling? Not successful catching the fullness of the tragedy that is my current dye job. The other thing that happens over time is the stuff she puts on to negate the brassiness goes away. Yipe. Hello, brassy yellow hair.

I can take a pic in the bathroom mirror, right? You can kind of see the dark in between waves on top of my head. You can also see how I bite my lip sometimes when I concentrate. I wish the iPhone had an external button to do the camera shutter. I can never hit it right since it's a screen button. Oh, what am I saying. There probably is something like that, only I don't know about it. Don't tell me. It will only make me feel like a bigger idiot.

So here's where I show you that I've gone past the point of being passable, in the dark roots realm. God bless Carrie Bradshaw for making frizzy hair and dark roots chic, but I've skipped right past that boundary. I have shattered the glass ceiling of dark roots. This is less Sex and the City and more COPS. You can only disguise this kind of crappy self-maintenance for so long.

Yeah. I can't wait for Tuesday.


  1. Yeah my hair looks WAY worse! I went like a million months without doing mine...trying to save money and looked crappy in the process...and I have to ask...what nail polish do you use? Your nails look awesome!! Do you just use regular black nail polish or do you use a pen? Oh yes and I am THAT Brittany that wrote you THAT email...

  2. I really like your zabra nails, and I SOOO jealous you had a pedicure. The last time I had one was Jan. 1st of this year with sad! But I did get a massage last night because that's what Darin wanted for his Birthday (a couple's massage, not just one for me), so I won't complain too loudly!

  3. Oops...that was supposed to be zebra not zabra. I wasn't trying to make up a new word! :-)