Saturday, August 01, 2009

Do you ever just sit around and watch stuff that used to make you smile? I do.

Because it will get stuck in your head:

Also catchy, and I loved it in secret since I was "too old" by the time it came out:

Not for smiling purposes, (I posted this on my old blog) but just because it mesmorized me when I was a kid. Hands down, favorite thing on PBS:

"I am Dijon..." Remember when the movie came out? And remember The Disney Afternoon?:

And then there was this:

Because "Triangle Man" isn't on Youtube. Close:

Because I'm a nerd:

Because when this came out, I practically burned out the TiVo rewatching it a million times:

For ML, my buddy who loved the BH Niner with me:

I just love Monty Python:

Totally played out, but still makes me laugh like a dork:


  1. Squee! The crayon thing FASCINATED me as a kid, I looooved that clip (why did I never think to look for it on youtube before?!) Thanks, you've brought me glee! :-)

  2. Awww... you know how much I loved, "Donna Martin Graduates!" :)The niner... re-runs are on SoapNet every day if I ever get nostalgic!

  3. Particle man is the name of the song and it IS on YouTube!