Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School (sorta)

I'm all aflutter right now.

Today isn't even the first day of school. It isn't the first day of meetings. It's just the first day that I'm going back to school. My plan is to spend the entire day moving furniture, cleaning out my old room, setting up my new room, and (maybe) getting some of the documents I need ready to print.

And yet, I've got "Back to School Butterflies" in my stomach. It's like this every year. The pre-service week of teacher meetings (which starts officially tomorrow) is designed to take the excitement and enthusiasm that one feels for the start of the new school year, and squeeze it out of you. By next Monday when the students arrive, I will be annoyed (by stupid meetings), bored (by stupid meetings), exhausted (from furniture moving), and mentally drained (from trying to scramble around and get the content of my class--which is MOST important--ready).

I made it a point not to go in to school this summer at all. I wanted to actually enjoy my new found freedom from summer practices, dance-related ordering, car washes, and the like. Now it's go time. I hate that phrase, go time. But it is. I have let my pile of classroom sit there all summer and now I need to go see if A) it really did get moved to my new room, as promised, and B) I can untangle the pile and set things up in one day. Oh, that is if I can get a new key for the room.

We shall see. I think what irks me most is I'm back to being Mrs. P today. No more Heather. :(


  1. Good luck moving! Where is your new classroom? Remember our class was in the room next to the band room? It was kind of an awkward room, but it was really big! I think we shared with Mrs. Fritz. Hope everything goes well this week! xo

  2. It's in the portables. Yes, of course I remember! I loved that weird room, except that was the year some kid got mad at Fritz and peed in the room. Ugh. :( That was such a good teaching year for me though. I remember it fondly!

  3. Hope it went well for you and that the butterflies went away, sometimes my butterflies actually help me through the day by making me be more aware of what is going on! :)

  4. Yep, I will definitely have butterflies again for the first day of school--doesn't matter how long I do this, I always get a little wound up before it starts. :)